I tell you to wait for a moment whilst I go to put on my face,
A mask to disguise how I feel
No mascara; that may betray my tears, my disgrace,
And the fears I fight to conceal.
Is it a crime,
Worse than murder when you make my heart bleed?
For years I was convinced that you were the one that I need.
Are you trying to break me down?
Congratulations, you're bound to succeed.
You're standing on thin ice,
Be careful how you tread,
I'm my own person and I won't put up with
All the hurtful things you've said.
Pull yourself together, decide who you want to be
Plan for a better future, or it won't be including me.
I'm not going to play the fool anymore,
I need a king to treat me as a queen,
I'll not go back to the way things were before,
Deal a new hand and forget what used to be.
I'm not a character in one of the stories you've read,
There'll be no happily-ever-after if you don't change your ways,
There's no turning back from everything that you've said
But what's the point in looking back, anyway?
Look to the future, leave the past behind,
Because no matter how bad it looks,
In the end love is blind.
Create a new beginning; learn from old mistakes,
The night of old is leaving,
The new day breaks.