A streak of gold that soon disperse

Paint the sky with its gilded hue;

And filled the summery plains and hills

A verdant colour enjoyed by many few

Aah… such a pleasant sight

I wish I could savor some more

Yet to feel and touch these gentle lights

Is like having wings but cannot soar

And to watch all this behind un-fluttering lids,

Is something I would never dare dream of

For why would the world so generously give

When they have plenty of worries to spare for?

No, definitely not for someone like me:

Old, rag, gnarl and hoary

Yet I know, all this time…

I have breathed,

I have dreamed –

I have lived.

I don't know why this came out all of a sudden and I just can't find the right words to fit them in. This was inspired by my grandmother who was very sick now. She always tell me that ,"I have lived and have no regrets," and till now she still tell me the same words that still rings in my mind. Please, god, don't take her away from me.