Friends betray

Loyalty strays

Lost in a daze

Maddening craze

Gone for days

Left in a maze

And why?

Do we die?

Do we lie?

Do we cry?

Do we strive

For power and

The master hand

The best band

Royalty canned

Battleships manned

Enemies banned

Gold panned

Wealth ours

Great towers

Beautiful flowers

Burned in the bowers

So hope is lost

In heat and frost

Lines crossed

Lives tossed

Why do we steal?

We do not feel

Nothing real

Except hard steel

Iron and power

Wealth and we cower

From the world

And truth unfurled

And so the doom is ours

And the days is ours

And the night is ours

And our lives are ours

To live, but not keep

Bodies burning, stacked in a heap

Lost in the heat

Never to meet

So we think

And drink



Mingle, mix

Whatever we wish

Until the day

None will pray

Under the grey

Of the day

We die

So we lie

And cry

For royalty

And people like me

And things I need

But never me.