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"No! Please!"

"Lax, go. You will be the last of our kind to exist.and for that.you must survive."

"No! Don't leave me!"


"You can do this!"

Lax awoke gasping as tears rolled down uncontrollably. "Why mother.why?"

"You alright?"

Lax looked around her as she wiped her tears. The sky was still dark and the stars glittered in the sky and the moon was almost full. The fire next to her burned brightly as the trees around seemed to show ghostly faces. She looked up at a tree to see Rain. Rain was sitting on a tree branch watching the sky silently.

"Guess so."


"Thanks for asking."

"Go back to sleep.I'll wake you up later."

"Okay.Good night." Lax settled down back into her sleeping bag. "Rain.what did you hear?"

"." Rain turned around and looked at her. "Nothing." and looked away.

Lax hearing that when back to sleep as the fire crackled softly through the night.

"Mm." Lax walked happily next to Rain as they traveled on to Celes. As they walked, Lax was eating a barbecue pork bun. "Yum! These are the best!"

Rain watched her eat in amazement, "."


"I've counted about 5.how much more can you eat?"

"Oh.uh.two more?" Lax said as she put up two fingers at him.


"What?!" Lax asked again when she saw Rain's face with disapproval.


"Fine.I'll stop.after this one!" Lax gave one of her broad smiles, as Rain said nothing more.

"You don't like to talk a lot do you?" Lax asked as she swallowed her last bun. "I for one talk a lot so I hope you could at least make an effort to say more than a word or two for a reasonable amount of talking and conversing."


"Aw.c'mon! I barely know anything about you."

"Same as you are to me like I am to you," Rain finally spoke.

"Fine, if you wanna play it that way I ask you a question and I'll respond to the question first, then you'll answer it. Is that fair enough?"

"." Rain became silent again and looked away.

"Hump! You know, for a kid like you and me, you're sure acting too old for your age! Live a little! Have fun! MAKE CONVERSATION!" Lax forced, "If I'd known that traveling with you was so silent I would've signed up to be a mime first before being with you!"


"You gotta be kidding!" Lax exclaimed, as her face seemed to get redder by the second. "How can you do this?! I mean I'm here trying to piss you off and your just silently walk on calmly!!!"


Lax then decided to stare at Rain for a period of time to annoy him, but still no sign of emotion. Soon she gave up. Next she decided to walk on silently next to him, but that didn't last long either.

"Why.? Why.? Why?! Do you hafta torture me like this?" Lax cried as she finally gives in. "How.do you do .this?"

"Stop your complaining, I just don't like to talk about myself."

Lax watched Rain as he said this, his cold frozen eyes seemed to flicker as he said it and went back to his normal state when he stopped and looked away again.

"." Lax fell silent.

"You okay.?" Rain asked suddenly after a moment of silence pasted by.

"Hmm.?" Lax turned to look at him "Nothing."

"." Rain looked at her.

"What? I'm fine!" Lax said as she forced a smile. "See!"

"." Rain watched her for one more moment and turned away.

As they walked on in silent, a shadowy figure loomed over and watched from the trees above. "Keh keh keh!!!"

Rain flashed a glance up as he searched the trees for something and turned around and resumed walking.

"Aw! Can we stop here?!" Lax whined. "Besides this place looks beautiful!!!"



".Fine." Rain finally answered as he looked at the place they were going to camp. It was a cool spot with a patch of clearing where it a held a lake of clear blue water and a waterfall from a high cliff. Trees had completely surrounded the area and it was a good place to camp. The sun was beginning to dip down to the horizon and seemed to have a few more hours of light.

"Food.food.food." Lax chanted to herself as she watched the pot of Salmu soup, that was a mix of fruits and veggies with a dark brown color from a bit of seaweed, Lax watch intently, waiting for it to boiled over the fire. "Cook faster!"

"." Rain remained silent as he sat on a log by the lake. He was watching the sky as the sun began to disappear when he noticed a shift in the trees.

"Hum." Lax hummed as she took in the aroma from the soup. "ALL DONE!"

"." Rain got up from his spot and moved over to Lax with the soup and sat next to her. He leaned over and whispered, "There's something watching us."

"Don't be paranoid!" Lax said as she scooped up some soup with a spoon. "This place is like absolutely concealed. Who would anyone find us here? And besides our fire doesn't have any smoke 'cuz I got dried materials."

"Remember last time?" Rain asked. "And if we found this place then anyone can."


"Do you wanna repeat that again?"

"No." Lax answered and looked down at her reflection from the soup.

"It's better to be ready than to be not at all."

"." Lax tried to drive away a bad dream from so long ago. As she stared harder at the soup's reflective surface she noticed a displaced shadow that shouldn't have been. She slowly reached over to Rain and tugged at his jacket.


"Rain.I.there's something behind us." Lax said apologetically. "I'm-"

Rain signaled her to stop and they both loomed over the bowl of soup that Lax held with her left hand. The shadow had disappeared and they stayed totally still for any sound to come. Nothing.

"Should we act casual?" Lax asked quietly as she placed the soup up to her lips.

".Yea." answered Rain as he reached the for his bowl of soup and sipped the soup. "Not bad."

"Thanks!" Lax said happily, for once Rain had started a conversation. "I've been cooking for myself for a while, and since I'm a picky eater I gotta be a good cook!"

As Lax talked on, Rain eyed at his sword along with Lax's. They were right across them and were placed against with the rest of their things. Rain gently touch her arm to get her attention and nodded his head toward their swords.

"Got it." Lax whispered as she brought her bowl up to take another sip.

"Keh keh keh!"

The sudden sound gave Lax and Rain a bit of surprise and they both dived for their swords. As they turned around to look at their original spots two silver arrows shined brightly from where they were sitting. They both exchanged a quick glance and bounded at the opposite side of each other. As they ran around, arrows flew at them as they barely grazed their bodies. Rain watching carefully as he ran he noted the direction from where the arrows came from.

Lax, same as Rain, watched the trees carefully as she ran. While she did that, she drew out her knife from the side of her leg. Lax gave a sharp whistle to signal Rain as she dodged an arrow.

Rain understood and created a distraction for Lax as she disappeared into the trees. Rain stopped running and began to concentrate on his spell. As he concentrated he began to fade and mist replaced his image along with everything else.

Lax crept along silently in the darkness as she followed the shifting sounds in the branches above. I As mist covered the ground from Rain's spell, Lax decided to climb up to the trees to search for the attacker.

Up in the trees she peered down to see a mass of mist surrounding the entire area.

"Keh keh keh! You won't stop me from finding you!" The voice sounded as arrows flew to where Rain was standing moments ago.

"Stupid," Lax mumbled to herself. "I got you now!" Lax shifted through the branches as she approach the source of the arrows of being thrown. The process of reaching the attacker was a bit tiring because of the constant movement in the trees. The attacker was smart to never stay at one spot to long.

Rain, after completing the spell ran to the direction of trees for cover and decided to accompany Lax in hunting the attacker in the trees. He gave a low whistle over the mist to signal Lax.

Lax hearing the whistle continued on. The origin or the arrows being shot down into the mist was getting closer as Lax crept silently through as much as possible. As she inched closer she unconsciously held her breath.

"Keh keh keh!" the familiar sound sounded from behind her.

Sweat poured from her forehead as she stopped moving.

"Keh keh keh!"

Lax felt a sharp edge pressed against her neck as a trickle of blood flowed down. She kept her grip on her knife to wait for any opportunities to strike back. Because of the pitch-black surroundings, she slowly she pressed her knife carefully under the arrowhead and immediately pushed it outward.

"Stupid girl!" A growl came from behind her and a sharp stabbing pain came from her right arm.

"Augh!" Lax struggled for a moment and fell form the trees. She made a thump sound on the ground as she hit the ground hard.

Rain, hearing the crash of branches following with a thump on the ground, quickly moved through the branches. As he arrived he heard laughing above where Lax laid silent and still.

"Keh keh keh! Stupid little girl!"

Rain focused his eyes at the direction of the sound and saw only a black shadow inching closer to Lax's still figure.

Rain swiftly moved through the shadows behind the mysterious intruder.

"Who are you?"

"Keh keh keh! So.Rain.how are you?" the shadow froze from the metallic touch from Rain's blade.

"You know me?"

"Keh keh keh! So you don't remember me huh? No matter." The shadow seemed to shift and disappeared. "Catch me if you can.but she must die! Keh keh keh!"

"." Rain looked into the dark shadows cast by the trees. "What do you mean?"

"She brings death! Nothing good will come of it!" a shift of leaves at the left of Rain. "She should've been killed! But I too will bring her death!"


"Ah." a soft sound came from Lax as her eyes fluttered open. "Mm.my back."

"." Rain knelt down and signaled Lax to be quiet.

Lax remembering what had happened searched the ground for her knife with her hand.

"Keh keh keh! So girl! You haven't died yet?" A shift at the right

"!" Lax touched a sharp metallic surface as she nicked herself. She searched for the handle as she listened for any more movements from the mysterious man.

"Nothing but a cur-" His sentence was interrupted as his body fell from the trees.


"Got him!"

Rain walked over to the spot of blackness on the ground. A silver knife shined from the man's throat, right in the middle, as he wheezed. "No.creature.like her.should ever.exist."


"." Lax became silent. "It's true."

"." Rain bent down and pulled out the knife from the lifeless body.

"Rain." Lax hesitated and looked at the emerging moon from the horizon. "Can you promise me never to tell anyone?"


Lax walked away and headed toward the lake. The mist had almost disappeared as Lax walked to the middle of the lake.

"Please don't tell." Lax whispered as she gave way.

Rain had followed Lax and stopped at the edge of the lake and watched silently. Shock from surprise, he saw white feathers sprout from her shoulder blades forming two large pair of wings. Loose feather drifted down from her wings as Lax looked at Rain.


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