Sometimes we talk
about the rain.
Whether the sky is crying
whether the clouds share our pain
Or if it's just nature,
easy to explain.
Sometimes we talk
about the rain.

the sky i think
can read my mind
its crying for me now
the tears ive kept inside
pours down in sheets
eats away at my heart
from inside, my uncried
tears do their part.
im going to drown
if im not smothered first
dont know what to do
ive ran and ive cursed
ive faked smiles and laughs
yelled and raged
nothing works
im still alone and caged
holding in tears
while i drown in more
sitting and waiting
for them to reach my core.

Does she slip
and glide
as I do
in this eerie
yellow-green light
after the sky
has emptied?