It has bright colour
In its delicate flowing waves
Its brilliant glow is from
Resourceful sources which it craves
Its presence is beautiful
One that could not cause harm
Not with that bright, warm, gentle,
However it is harmful
In which you will learn
When you attempt to touch this delicate wave
It will treat you as a source and make you burn.
Its looks are deceiving
Because of it's a wonderful sight
But put to the facts
It acts as a parasite
It will cling to your furniture
Your paper and clothing
In order for it to survive,
It will cling on to anything.
This, like a parasite
Can easily spread
From one prop to another claiming victims
One by one, dead.
It is clever
By having sources to choose
It cannot die
It cannot lose.
Even though water
Can put it out
Water cannot restore the harm
No doubt.
It is shameless
It never tires
It has no sense of guilt
It is fire.
Please tell me what you think, good or bad.