You are the puppet. They are the puppet masters. They control you. You have no control over your life.
I looked at you. You are the fool. Yet, you call me the fool. Who's the fool now? You are held by strings. I have no strings to hold me down. Look at me. There are no strings to hold me down. You are controlled. By fools like yourself.
Hold down me that is what they try to do. Fools, you will never hold me down. You are just being held down. No allowed to do the things you do. No dreams or goals for you.
I rather die a million times than no be myself. So what about you? You seem to not want to be yourself. There is no resisting the strings that bind you. Following them like a duckling follows its mother.
Can't you at least part from them for a second? You are always with them. I am beginning to think there are such things as Siamese quadruplets. Or even more. Crowding the hallways and passageways. Talking about foolish topics. Out of my way; I am standing by myself. I don't need to hang off you or anyone else. I am my own person. Not a Siamese twin. Maybe you are but I am not.
Puppet, puppet. What has happened? Did they cut your strings and let you fall? Did they betray you? What happened, puppet? Are you their puppet anymore?
Puppet, puppet. Why are you sad? There is no need to be sad if you are not a puppet anymore. Be yourself. Can't you see that they are fools? Their heads full with air. Lies and deceit is their game. Leave them be. Be yourself.
No more strings. Yet, you want the strings. I will leave you here. You are a fool. You belong with them if you want the strings. Goodbye to you. Goodbye, I won't see you no more.
Fate has decided your ill ways of being a puppet. I cut my strings. That is why I am myself. Goodbye puppet.