Evaluation By One Relentless

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Jake couldn't believe what was happening to him. Not only was he currently at an out-of-neighborhood nerd club, but he was also standing behind one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen, including all of his many worshippers who had thrown themselves at his feet. Best part is, she's not falling at his feet right away, and all that he has to do to get her in a position that she will is complete her challenge: show her that he knows how to use a computer. {Can't be that hard, right? I mean, if that bookworm at school (Was her name Elaine?) with those horrid baggy clothes and an attitude to match could do it with ease then he certainly could. She was such a brat: she wouldn't look up from her books when addressed, wouldn't crack a smile at jokes, and would never ever consider actually trying to make herself agreeable. Seems odd, though, that that was just what this girl here was doing, yet she intrigued him. Just shows that outside appearances sometimes make a difference.}

Grinning at her in one of my most infuriating ways I pulled out a chair at the terminal next to her.

"Ok, Lori, spill. What's my 'evaluation'?" {The only reason he knew her name,} he thought irritably to himself, {Was because she had typed across the screen to her pall that she expected him to get drunk.} {He might actually enjoy being his most annoying, for once}