By:Andrew Troy Keller

Do you know what I want for my birthday?

It's not a trip to Cascade Bay

Nor a certain type of necktie

That would make your co-workers wonder why

You want to wear it to work everyday.

It's not a copy of a new comic book

Nor one of many fishing hooks.

It's a special gift that I want this year--

And I want it that fact to be made quite clear.

All you have to do is look.

You see,all I really want for my birthday

Is to spend one quiet and relaxing day

With my mom and dad.

Now,that would be the best gift I had

To have for my birthday.

We don't have to go see a rock band

Nor to Paramount's Kings Island

Amusement park and spend the whole day

In a very nerve-whacking way

Trying to go on any ride by going past the ticket counter stands.

On my birthday,we don't need to rome.

Instead,we should just stay home

And watch Jurassic Park

On TV instead of going out on a lark,

For indeed,there's no place like home.

And at least,I should be full of joy,

For after all,I'm the birthday boy.

It'll be the best birthday I've ever had,

For I'll be staying home with my mom and dad.

Now that would really bring me instant joy.

So,now you know what I want for my birthday gift,

For all I want to do is patch up a certain rift

Between me and my mom and dad.

You see,I've been acting like an awlful cad

And I really do want to repair that rift.

So,how about it,Mom and Dad?

I mean,you're the most wonderful parents I've ever had.

I really do love you guys

And if you're willing to give it a try,

You could reach me at my Cleveland pad.

You see,having my family back together would be the best way

For me to have a Happy Birthday.

Just please don't be mad for my past deeds

And understand that I'm in need

Of only one thing--to be back inside a happy family.

As for the rest of you,thank you for letting me talk in an understanding way.

Thank you all very much and good day.