The Humble Egotist


Tripping over a foot

Strategically placed before you.

Being interrogated

Only your mouth

Lacks the answer.

Dropping off the face of the earth,

For one solitary moment,

As your mistake from the past,

Eats at your soul

Devouring through a black hole

Called regret.

The hatred in their eyes,

The ringing of their laughter.

The utter shame of tears

Spilling forth from the fountain of your eyes

Drenching the innocent crowd.

Their laughter persists,

Humiliating the soul,

Forcing the being,

To become




The recognition of greatness,

The ascent to the sky

From the gutter of the street.

The pain of courage,

The exultation of genius.

The creative spirit

Flows through the veins

The pen flies,

The encouragement envelopes

The body in warmth.

The cadence

Of words

Spoken from love and jealousy,

Frees the mind from hate

Swells the heart with confidence,

The confidence of achievement

Raises the arms

The crowd cheers on,

The green leaves of success

Drift down upon the body,

Classifying the soul

As that of an



Is it possible then

For these two worlds to mingle?

For the confident to cry,

The humiliated to succeed?

Can the hidden ascend

To the star embedded sky?

Can the exalted trip

Over the foot of regret?

It is conceived

In our minds

That humbleness

Must not tango,


Or waltz

With that of egotism,

But what if the two

Fell in love,

Lived hand in hand,

The Humble Egotist

Came forth into the world?

Some say it is impossible,

Like that of the idea

Of landing upon the satellite

Orbiting our earth,

Like that of the operation

To save a failing heart,

Like that of the machine

Designed to reach the sky.

If those can succeed,

Why can't I,

A Humble Egotist,

Be accepted by the world?