An Ode to my Bong
Got you at Ozz-Fest
Roge called me a weed-snob!
I said "Bleed 'cause Red-Eye's the best!
Ergonomically designed to fit
Your hand by intelligent people
Who understand the need for that
Perfect smoke!"

I lifted you up
Admiring your paint work
Merged yellow and green, glossy sheen
Curvaceous, glistening, mellow. You seemed
To shine above the rest. I smirked at
The blonde dread-locked Clerk who said, "I
Feel the same."

Completely perfect
Roge ate those words he said.
First hit's the sweetest chilled out bliss
Shot past your lips when your fingertip lifts
It's ignite, you reach the dizzy heights
Your body's light Sensi senses
Might explode

My Red-Eye Phaser!
Award-winning plants have
Graced your gauzes. My mouth waters!
White-Widow, Mazar, Northern Lights, K2
Some Blueberry and delicious
Grown-for-the-causes! THC
Nauseous praise!


Smoky Bear