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Chapter Sixteen (Part II)

Living with Trey Duvall

Kristina Toffland

"So basically I'm relaying you an opportunity to become an actress in primetime, pretty amazing, huh?"

Yeah, it was. As soon as Trey had brought up the bit about the contract and how her scene with her favorite actor earlier this afternoon had been her audition, she'd expected him to say exactly what he'd said. But she had to admit, it was much more amazing actually hearing it come out of his beautiful mouth

An actress, her? Plain o'l Faith Landen a sidekick to the sexy and talented Trey Duvall? It would be insane of her to say, "no." So why wasn't she grabbing the pen from his waiting hand and sealing the deal? She raised her head to look at Trey. She had to give him some kind of response. He had put himself out there for her and he deserved to know he'd caught her attention and was more than interested to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

"This…this is um… a little overwhelming," she finally managed to get out.

"A little?" he teased her. "It's okay," he assured her, massaging her fingers. "This is supposed to be overwhelming. Carrier likes to do things big, you'll soon find that out for yourself if you start working for her."

Well, looked like Mr. Duvall had already assumed what she hadn't managed to commit to herself, that she was going to do it. It made her feel good…confident, but at the same time, unsure and reluctant. "Okay Trey…say I do this and I do sign onto this contract,' Faith began as nonchalantly as her heart would let her. "What happens next? Where would this take me?" She paused as she realized what her biggest fear was. How was all this going to change her currently normal life? "I mean, what would happen to school, my friends…my life here?"

Trey heard the same concern in her voice that he'd felt when he'd been provided with the same type of deal. When he'd gotten his first modeling major modeling gig, he'd expected his bosses to tell him that his life was going to change. But he'd wanted to know how much: what would happen to the remnants of his previous existence as a regular guy who'd almost made it into medical school. And most importantly, would it really be worth it? His first manager had provided his "things will change, Trey," in a blunt fashion, but he'd somehow found a way to convey it in a way that made Trey that much more sure that he was ready and this was the right path for himself.

Maybe taking a note from his manager's book would help him in convincing Faith that this was the right decision for her right now. Professional yet personable, serious yet compassionate.

"You know what," Trey replied with a grin as he gazed confidently into her concern-filled hazel eyes. "I asked exactly the same thing when I landed my first job. I wanted to know how my decision was going to affect my life. If sacrificing, possibly my privacy was going to be worth it."

Faith nodded as Trey tried to figure out how to quell the fear he knew was making her stomach turn. He leaned forward. He was going to sell her on this dream job, rebuttal all her objections and make it so she didn't even think she could say no.

"Let me tell you, Faith, it's worth it. There's a lot of things I wouldn't have been able to do if hadn't chosen to become an actor. I wouldn't be able to support the cancer research foundations that I contribute to annually…"

"…I would have been able to meet this amazing girl."

"As a Harvardette, I know the first thing that comes to your intelligent mind is that "doing this is going to make you lose your values" or "everyone is going to think why does she feel she can be on t.v when there are so many other people in the nation." But becoming an actress in primetime is not about gaining a big ego, Faith. It's not even about being invited to appear at the glitzy award shows and showing off your arm candy. If that was all it was, we wouldn't be actors."

"Really, Trey," Faith murmured, feeling herself melt deeper into his serious stare. "Then what does it mean to become a Primetime actress? I didn't realize that you would have been such an expert on being a female t.v star."

Trey shot her an annoyed glance. Did she really have to joke at a time when he was trying to be serious? "You know what I mean, Ms. Landen," he retorted, then continued, "acting is really about hard work, a lot of it. But it's as rewarding as getting an A on a test you studied all night for." Yup, relating it back to something she can understand. Things were looking good. "But to answer your questions, I honestly don't think it's going to be a catastrophic as it had been for me. I mean, one: we're going to be filming in your actual high school. Which means that you'll not only be able to participate in all the beautiful events around ABT but you'll still be able to go to your Homecoming Games, participate in bake sales, whatever rocks your boat. Your home wouldn't change so Christian can't complain much."

"You don't know my brother very well then," Faith thought with a chuckle, still finding it funny that Trey thought he still had to work on convincing her.

"Two: Harvardette, you're more than welcome to cram in some study time in the library between takes during the day and then do your memorizing at night," Trey pointed out then sat back and straightened his collar so that it stood up. "And if you find you're having problems with that, the Trey Duvall is accessible to you 24/7. That's a generous offer I'd take advantage of. I don't think I even gave Rachel Lyte 24/7 access, maybe like 2 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and it's not like she used it anyway."

Faith couldn't help but smile.

"And I know that you've got this awesome once in a lifetime scholarship deals, not to mention a better house than mine but money will always come in handy, in most situations," Trey added. "Since we're on the subject of money, let me tell you what you're looking at. You'll probably be giving yourself around at least $12,000 a week. Not sure how it's going to be paid out but Carrie did tell me that the starring roles will be making around the same ball park so I'm sure you find that as a definite plus."

"Trey," she said a little annoyed. "Don't ever think I would do this for the money. You've been around a little longer than I have and I know you know money does not buy happiness…I would live in a 500 dollar apartment with more hours at my brother's dentistry if that meant my father would not have left and mother wasn't always ill."

Trey had to take a step back. What she was saying made perfect sense. As he'd gotten to know her this week, he'd also learned that she was a very deep person. But because she was usually so chipper and sometimes hopelessly naïve, he kept forgetting that. Yay, now you've insulted her, way to go Trey!

"Oh Trey, forget I said that. I didn't mean it the way it came out. I know you're just trying to explain things to me," Faith put in quickly. "Mr. Duvall, please, paint a picture for me of the amazing changes that are about to take place in my life."

Trey didn't know why he felt he should start it this way but he couldn't help himself. It was something he'd really wanted to focus on this evening. "Well for one…I'll finally be able to really kiss you without having to think of the repercussions of our age difference. I don't know how you're feeling about that but I'm pretty damned excited about that." He saw Faith's jaw drop and then was amused, just by watching her try to cover it up. "I also think you're going to be most amazed by how much support your character and you, as an actress is going to receive from the tv fanatics. You'll start hearing about how you've inspired a fan to go after their dream, or overcome an obstacle. It's probably the response from my very special people that helped me get this far."

Faith felt him give her one of those tender "it's all because of you looks," and her heart warmed up when her eyes confirmed it.

"ABT wise there is a pretty serious "Higher School" premiere party coming up in a few weeks," he went on. "Your main concern there is probably going to be a dress…unless you'd uh, reject me and choose someone else to escort you to the event."

Faith wasn't sure she heard him right. She had to be dreaming. "Y…you would be my "arm candy?" Me? When you can have practically anybody else in Hollywood to be the lucky girl?"

"OF COURSE!" he crooned, laughing at her silly doubts. "You are my very special person right now and I wouldn't let any other guy take the chance. It's going to be your first big night, I'd hope you'd be more comfortable with me."

"But that would mean that in the magazines and stuff, everyone around you would be with the cream of hollywood and everyone would see you with…"

"…the new up and coming "it" girl, Faith Landen. I wouldn't want to be seen with anyone else, Faith."

Faith found her lips parting and closing, not knowing what to say, especially with Trey Duvall's face so close to hers. Yikes, was he going to give her one of his "real" kisses right now? She wasn't sure she was ready for that!

Fortunately Trey pulled back. "I just remembered, I've got something else for you." Any other girl would probably have classified the night as a failure with the way Trey had moved back but Faith was more than relieved. He pulled a sheet from his folder and handed it to her. "This is a very basic itinerary of what the next three weeks are going to look like," he explained. "Yes, this means you are going to have to be out of school for three weeks but Carrie took it upon herself and already spoke to your Principal. He says that as long as you complete the assignments that your teachers feel you should complete in the next couple of weeks, he will make sure there is not a black mark on your attendance record." Faith felt good about hearing that. "And as for during your filming hours, we've got a really interesting way we're going to conduct tutoring that we usually have for actors that are still in school," he announced. "The parts played by students in your school and the other high-school aged actors we are going to have on set are going to be placed in one classroom and then those of us with degrees are going to be sticking around to serve as well, teachers."

Another surprise for Faith. Actors that have to play teachers are going to play teachers in real life? This was going to be interesting. She noticed Trey smiling at her and it dawned on her a moment later why he was looking at her that way. "Wait a minute, those of you with degrees? Does that mean that…you have a…degree?"

"Bachelor of Science to be exact," Trey grinned. "I'm certified to tutor in the fields of Chemistry, AP Biology, Physics and oh yes, even the higher levels of Anatomy and Physiology. Burt Warren, the MC at this afternoon's audition, he's a U.S Revolution Nut and I know there's another guy on set that has an actual teaching degree."

Whoa, so for the lucky members of the Class 2004, some of the major subjects were going to be taught by the nation's hottest hunks. When word of that got out, everybody was going to kill to get even a guest spot on the show. She managed to push aside the thought of Trey continuing to be her teacher and looked down at her itinerary instead.

Hey Faith,

Just wanted to welcome you properly into the world of ABT's newest drama, "Higher School!" Though this should not come as a surprise to either of us, I'd like to happily announce that I've been designated as your personal "head's up" guy. I'll be assisting you and helping you navigate through this new experience of stardom. So sit back, relax, I'm going to take care of you. (But don't fall asleep!!! I wouldn't want you to miss anything )

Here's what your schedule is going to look like for the next three weeks.

Faith giggled then shot her "co-star" a teasing glance. "Seems someone already assumed I was going to say yes before ever telling me about it."

"I'm being punished for being hopeful?" he chuckled, then turned his face so all she could see was his attractive profile. "Disregard that part if you'd like. The important thing is the schedule."

Faith watched him for a moment, amused by the sight of crimson creeping up into his cheeks. But then she was compelled by the look of anxiety and longing that existed in his gaze, as if trying to anticipate how to react if she rejected the offer. She pulled her eyes away and to the paper he'd taken the time to write, out of respect if nothing else.

Okay sweetie, now that's you've come to a decision to do this, the first thing we're going to need you to do is relocate to Los Angeles, CA for three weeks before filming starts. Carrie will be relaying to you all the details and get you up to speed on the vision of "Higher School." I'll also try and help you get you comfortable around the rest of your new co-stars since during the last week, we'll be filming the long anticipated Pilot episode. The Big Premiere party will be a day or two after that and that'll be the last event before we'll be flying back to Victorice to start major production.

All transportation arrangements (We'll be going by plane) and hotel reservations have been taken care of. All you need to do is pack a small suitcase with just some things from home that might make being away a little easier. As far as clothes and other necessities, you can either buy with your first check (which you'll receive when you arrive) or you'll see that the crew of "Higher School" and your new manager, Taylor Shapiro will be accommodating.

The first thing we'll be doing when we get to Los Angeles is, SURPRISE!!! The cast of Higher School has been granted two days of rest and relaxation, this will help us get you settled in before any of the bigger stuff start. During this time, I am going to help you get down the script for the Pilot episode. There is going to be a lot of downtime in the hotel room, but I will be there, making sure that you don't get bored. We can do some sight seeing if you'd like but we might find ourselves wearing a lot of sunglasses and hats. Yes, this will be your first taste of trying not to be recognized by the paparazzi. You may not feel like you're a star, but this is aside from becoming one overnight being in my company. There is a lot riding on your reveal and we want to keep everyone from finding out about you or the rest of us until the commercials are playing across America's t.v screens. Sorry if I forgot to mention it, honey, you're Ms. Spectra's secret weapon this year. But don't take that as added pressure, take that as a huge compliment from her and all of us."

The itinerary, she found was very detailed. She wanted to just skim through it to find out all there was to it but she felt she might overwhelm herself doing that and decided to stick to just the first week for now. Good idea. It told her that she would be meeting her co-stars on that first Monday. Her jaw dropped when she saw the name Rachel Lyte on the list Trey had created for her.

"R…Rachel Lyte? As in the Rachel Lyte that played Hazel Sheldon to your Devin?" she gasped, putting a hand to her gaping mouth.

"Um…yeah, she'd be the one," Trey confirmed, trying not to sound uncomfortable.

Faith let out a yipe and Trey reacted with the most teasing glance he could muster. "Well, I see somebody is not only a fan of mine but of the amazing Rachel Lyte."

"Are you kidding? Who wouldn't be! She absolutely ruled on "Midnight Avenue,' in fact, I might even go as far as saying she was the most gifted actress in ABT daytime. But you know that already," she chittered. When Trey didn't acknowledge that comment, Faith assumed Rachel must be a sour spot for Trey in someway and she wasn't about to ruin the moment by bringing him down.

She went back to concentrating on the sheet of paper that went on to list her schedule for wardrobe fitting, her first interview session with "Just a Teen" and a lot more. The more the she read, the more she was in awe and to be able to witness the effort Trey had displayed in making sure she said yes made making her decision a lot easier.

She had to do this! She was like any other Victorice, Maine girl, a normal teenage girl from a plain town, craving for something big to happen and turn her mundane life around. Now all she had to do was take advantage of it.

"So, have you finally come to a decision?" he inquired, staring eagerly into her beautiful golden irises. "Y…you are going to do this, right?"

She couldn't help but want to tease him longer, though it was so mean of her to do so. "Well…"

"Come on! This suspense is worse than some of the dramatic storylines on Medical Heroes! Just hurry up and sign it before my blood pressure shoots up so high that I suffer a heart attack!" he begged, holding his pen out to her.

"I want you to know that I have confidence in my studies but being a primetime player is all new to me. I will expect you to help me with that as my official "head's up" guy," she concluded then took the pen from his hand. She then signed her name on the dotted line under Trey's eager stare. "And if Christian disowns me for making this decision without him, you are solely responsible." She returned his pen and then slid the contract back to Trey's awaiting hands. He snatched it up, checked the last page to make sure she'd really signed it then provided her with a copy of it.

She took it up and laughed, scared and happy all at the same time. "I guess I should go home, break the news to my brother and maybe he'll help me pack while he's reprimanding me."

"If he doesn't, call me and I'll help you," Trey assured her, smiling in the same way.

"So…I guess we're officially co-stars, Mr Duvall?"

Trey was so relieved from hearing her say those words that he didn't notice the unexpected tear that slid down his cheek.

"Trey, are you okay?"

"I am now," he promised her as Faith reached her hand up to his face to gently brush away the tears. When she'd finished, he grabbed hold of her hand and pressed it against his lips. Faith felt a good chill shake her nerves as she gazed at the man sitting across from her. "Faith, I think there's something I'm ready to admit, now that you've made me so happy by making my selfish wish of prolonging you in my company. But just let me try to get it out first, okay. Before you react…."

Faith now felt all feeling leave her body. She had the strangest feeling she knew exactly what Trey was trying to tell her. "I think you deserve to have that request granted , now that you have made my dreams come true."

This made Trey even more anxious to say what he'd wanted to say for days now.

But he was interrupted by the sound of soft music. He looked over at Faith, her eyes had lit up. She knew this song. "Hey, Faith," Trey said, standing next to her chair. She looked up at him. Her heart began to beat faster when she saw that he was extending his hand out to her. "Will you dance with me?" He registered Faith's confused expression and added in a reassuring voice, "this sounds like a good song and…I've got the rest of this evening to say what I need to say."

Faith took his hand before she lost the guts to and let him draw her to her feet. He then pulled her tightly against his chest, his arms enclosed around her back. She was pleasantly surprised that she actually felt comfortable in his gentleman's embrace. The candlelight, the cool salty breeze and yes, standing here, swaying gently in the arms of America's handsomest man to her favorite love song. This could have easily fit in as a romantic scene in any of the chic flicks she enjoyed watching. This couldn't be reality, but it was.

"You like this song?" Trey inquired softly as Faith closed her eyes, her cheek laying against his hard chest. When she didn't respond, he glanced down at her and saw that she looked peaceful…happy. He let out a content sigh then closed his own eyes as they were serenaded by Jennifer Love Hewitt's "You."

"This moment couldn't be more perfect," he thought to himself. He held her even more closer to himself and let his head be buried in her beautiful mahoghany locks, taking in the fragrance of her tantalizing perfume.

There was only one more thing that could make this moment even better.

"Hey sweetheart?" he whispered.


"Can you do just one more thing for me?"

"Yeah," she murmured, sounding as though she were talking during a good night's dream.

"Sing for me. I know you know this song. I saw you light up when it started," Trey pleaded in his husky voice. "Sing for me?"

"Sure," she replied and then started to sing in a soft yet clear soprano voice.

Hold me now, Stop the morning light from breaking

Something's coming over me

I don't know what it is I'm saving

The clock ticks by, and this might all change everything

If I don't give you all that's waiting

Who knows what tomorrow will bring

If I tried not to need you, I'd be hiding from myself

And oh

If tomorrow never comes, I would do it all again

If the light never breaks through, I will stay until the end

If I saved it all for you, I would have my faith again

Then, then….I would know…

It's you…

Trey heard passion in her voice as Faith continued to sing and couldn't help but wonder if the lyrics to the song summed up her feelings for him as he knew it had done on his feelings for her…


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