MARCH 20, SATURDAY: 8:30AM. There were eleven hours left by the time Eva had woken up that morning. She went about her morning ritual: brushed her hair, washed her face, dried it off with a white towel, and scrubbed her teeth to cleanliness. When she left the bathroom, she found her family sitting close on the floor in front of the TV. She had never seen her family so close before, in all senses of the word. But then again, there were a lot of things she had never seen before in the past three days, like the glimmer of mortal fear in the President's eyes as he addressed America on the TV screen.
Eva had arrived in time only to hear the statement: "God bless America," before the President disappeared from their home. Eva sat down at the dining table, apart from her family, and watched with amazement when Lia Evangeline returned to the screen. Lia always appeared unfazed by the events she reported to thousands everyday. But even today, Eva could see the fear in her eyes, especially when Lia announced the final outcome.
"C.R.D.T. and its researchers have determined after two grueling days of astute studies, meticulous observations, and failed attempts, that there is no possible way to stop Axel Meteor. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to share with you all my deepest sincerity. I never thought I would hear these words, much less say them in my lifetime, but the world is going to end today, at six, thirty p.m. There will be a candlelight vigil at Axel Point, where the meteor was first sighted and whose namesake is derived thereof, all day long. It has been a wonderful five years of reporting to you viewers. Thank you for letting me into your homes. For the last time, this is Lia Evangeline for KASI10. Thank you and enjoy your morning." The words "for it will be your last" hung in the air when the TV blacked out. No more television.
Fai started to cry and even Abraham lowered his walls. Nancy sobbed fiercely and Stephen grasped handfuls of his hair, wanting to rip it out, wanting to understand why this was happening.
Eva sat in silence and then found a pencil and a notebook to start writing down a poem as the words unexpectedly came into her head. She could not answer why this was happening or cease the flow of tears that dampened her every thought, but she could hope. She could hope that maybe, somehow, this was not going to be the end of all life as they knew it. In an odd way, Eva's conscience had been cleared and her heart cleansed of strife. She was strong now because she held a star of hope in her heart that a new door was opening already.