No, we never kissed

One year
And you were blonde dyed black hair
Long trench coat white button-down
Book bag buttons and penned patches
Baseball caps spiked watches and dirt

Five months
Mall rats and your friends and mine
Giant box of Mike and Ikes and smile
Chewed fingernails and Imax movie
Kickers asleep in the immigrant exhibit

Twenty-four days
Late night driving late night in common
Back of a Bug your guide to the galaxy
Neo Trinity bag lunch you always ate
Girlfriend red hair like mine and poems

Two hours
Holding a knife from your wrist my hand
Apple pie ice cream brush your teeth
Red Saturn ninety says gives you a rise
Star in my play and smell like cigarettes

Seventeen minutes
Night before opening jitters and coffee
My guitar boy and your concert tickets
Screech slam crash bleed fade into dark
One five twenty four two seventeen dead.