To Kat

To Kat who reviewed on 12-6-03 Ok, The A/N's are distracting. I realize that I have them throughout a few stories. I kinda just copied what other people did. *looks ashamed* To be honest. This story was just like a spur of the moment thing and I don't' really care about it. But, I think I'm going to take them out of my other stories that are a bit more serious. And for the twinkle variation thing, the reason I stuck that one in there was because the first time around, I didn't have it up and some people got confused so I put it in there. But ya, about the cop out. What can I say? I'm a lazy bum. I wasn't really writing about 'Laura' so I was just like. 'whatever'. Haha. Ok, thanks for the reviews. They helped. I'm going to go change that stuff in my other stories. ~Lisa~

To Brown Bear

Hey, about Kevin.I was reading over the story and I realized that he never reappeared again. Tell you the truth, it was just carelessness on my part. It wasn't really a serious story for me in the fact that I basically wrote a chapter, posted it, and forgot about it, no correction or anything. But ya, if I ever do write another story, I will try not to have characters drop off the face of the planet. In real life, Kevin and I are still buddies despite the fact that he goes to school in florida and I go to school in North Carolina. And Jake, oh yes, Jake. The reason he didn't show up earlier was because I didn't even know I wanted him in it yet. Like, I wrote that story, well, most of the chapters while the situation was still happening to me. When I ditched Chris (Jesse) the story changed and I needed a new love interest. Haha, so much for basing things on real life. Thanks for your reviews. ~Lisa~