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All Over a Boy

Chapter 4: Prom Date

            "OOOOH! Prom, omigosh! It's coming up. I'm so excited." Nicole squealed, then paused. "And, oh, how I'm going to kill you Beth for making me sound like a prep!"

            Beth began to run down the hall as Nicole chased her. The chase ended when one of Beth's flip flops flew off her foot.

            "If you hadn't taken me to get that stupid dress, I wouldn't  have wanted to go to prom, but no, you had to insist and now I'm squealing like a piglet excited by doing my hair and my makeup ! I NEVER care about my appearance like ever. Now I do and I'm going to kill you." (A/N: This is exactly what happened to me. I didn't want to go and I just grabbed any old thing out of the closet to wear and then here comes prom with a pretty prom dress and shazaam…I care. Doesn't make any sense…but it happened and since this is based on real life...ya!)

            The bell gave its shrill call, beckoning the students in class to follow its sound into the crowded hallways, where the rest of the students were concluding their lunch hour.

            "Alrighty, see you later!" Nicole called to the figures of her retreating friends as they all headed for fifth period. She continued her promenade down the hallway, greeting those that she knew with a smile and a curt nod.

            As she entered her fifth period classroom, the journalism room, she scrunched her nose. Nicole was almost positive that it was the most disgusting room in the whole school, even topping the school cafeteria. There was left over food and crumbs everywhere accompanied by old newspapers, drafts of articles, and pieces of clothing. Those newspaper kids were gross as anything.

            Nicole wove her way through the garbage heap to her spot in the back next to her favorite person in the world, Marie. Marie is as wonderful as Laura was to Nicole. She understands the intricacies of her mind like no other and as though she were reading Nicole's mind at the moment she asked, "Who are you going to prom with?"

            "Oh, I don't know. I was just thinking of asking Kevin. He's a really good friend of mine that I would have fun with, even though I wouldn't feel the least bit inclined to hook up with him afterward." Nicole responded.

            Marie scrunched her nose in response. "You should go with someone you're attracted to babe! Like…Jesse, he's cute! And he's really sweet. He's in a few of my classes!"

            At the sound of his name Nicole panicked. "No, no, no. I can't. I barely know him. It would be weird….he probably doesn't even remember me! I can't. I'll go with Kevin." She said this way to fast and the words blurred into each other. A knowing smile crept onto Marie's face as she made up her mind to suggest the same thing the next day at school.

            For the rest of the period, Nicole had the fidgets. She couldn't sit still because now she was in agony over the decision of who to ask for prom. There was no way she was going to wait for someone to ask her, that would take too long. Jesse was in her next period, but he sat on the other side of the room.

            'Oh man! He's in my next period..ah! I need to go and bang my head against a wall! Anything! Why did she say anything? Ah!' (A/N: Mental anguish much?... sorry I had to.)

            Marie just glanced at her fidgeting friend, knowing that she caused her distress, but also knowing that she needed to get over her shyness and just ask him. Finally deciding to say something, Marie leaned over the desk to whisper in Nicole's ear.

            "Hey." This got a jerky and wild response from Nicole who was scared to pieces out of her daytime reverie.

            "What the hell'd you do that for?" Nicole demanded in a not-so-soft whisper that earned her a verbal reprimand from their fifth period teacher.

            "Sorry, I just have my words of wisdom for the day to depart to you."

            "And what might those be Aristotle?" The sarcasm was evident in Nicole's voice. She was annoyed that Marie had suggested something so logical as to ask Jesse. How could she? She's not supposed to make so much sense? It was really pissing her off!

            "Perhaps you shouldn't worry yourself over how he will respond. Just do the deed. Get it off your chest. If he refuses, he doesn't deserve you. It's as simple as that."

            'Do the deed huh? She makes it sound like a night of casual sex! But, it also doesn't sound like such a big deal. And he doesn't deserve me if he doesn't…win if I do and win if I don't…haha. I like that…so….Do the deed…do the deed. Ya!'

            "Ya! I'll just do the deed! Just ask him, whatever happens, happens, right?" Nicole practically shouted as she slammed her hands on the desk for emphasis, earning yet another verbal rebuke from the teacher.

            "Young lady, I've told you for the last time…" he began…only to be cut off by the shrill laughter of the school bell.

            "See you later Mr. Long," Nicole mumbled, as she left her teacher in a huff. Turning to Marie she said, "I'll do the deed!"

            Marie giggled. "God that sounds so wrong. Make sure you use protection," she said as she scampered off to last period before Nicole could get a good whack at her.

            Smiling and rolling her eyes, Nicole climbed the steps to her last period: AP English Literature. This class was her most boring class, but there was a perk: Jesse was in it. Brushing her hair back from her face, Nicole did her best strut while entering the class, only to find that he had not yet arrived.

            'Ug! I hope no one saw that.'

            No one had seen it.

            The class finished filing into the classroom and the teacher proclaimed it a free day because he had to grade. Nicole hopped on over to sit next to her friend Greta, who just happened to sit right in front of Jesse.

            "Hey Gredita! How are ya this fine day?" Nicole said, sounding unusually chipper.

            Giving her an odd look, Greta replied, "Comme ci, comme ca."

            "Only so-so? That sucks." Nicole said, then turned to Jesse. "And you? How are you?"

            "Pretty good, pretty good."

            "Are you going to prom?" Nicole inquired, a tad nervously.

            'Is she gonna ask me?'

            "Ya." He replies nonchalantly.

            "Do you have a date?"

            'Yes! I think she is…ok, prepping myself.'

            "Not yet." Jesse began one of his slow, knee-buckling smiles.

            'Ok, she's gonna ask me now…how should I answer…yes, ya…whatever?'

            "Do you…," she paused.


"..want to…," she continued.


"…give me a back massage?" Nicole finished.


            "What?!" He queried incredulously.

            "Do you want to give me a back massage? I'll give you one if you give me one." Nicole said quickly and cheerily, to try and dispel her embarrassment.

            "Um, sure." He said.

            'Damn! Dammit! Dammit!' they both think to themselves.

The scary thing about that last situation was that it actually happened. I was so pissed at myself for chickening out and my sister smacked me upside the head at least 10 times. I can't believe I said that…although he did give me a realllllly good massage that sent tingles down my spine…but that's besides the point! So thanks ya'll for reading! I hope you like this chapter and that you got as much of a laugh out of it as I did when I wrote. I also got some more bruises when I had my sister read it and she decided she had to hit me over the head once again for my stupidity.