This is my life. I'm twenty-seven years old living a boring life day to day running from country to country dealing with suits without souls. All I have to show for my hard work is a passport full of stamps, high blood pressure, low patience, and a lot of foreign nick knacks. Fortunately all that is about to change because I have finally decided that I am going to get off the corporate boat and join another ship. Whatever or whenever life decides to bring me something new I'll let it take me wherever it wants.

"Rise and shine beautiful another day dealing with the suits and then the weekend," said a tall slim girl with gold curls flapping around her face as she gently sashayed toward Slyeena.
"Youvette honesty I don't know how you do it. It's six in the morning and you look like you just stepped off the runway," Slyeena said sluggishly rising from her bed stiffly wincing from stepping on her sore feet.
"Well either you had a rough night you know what I mean or you've been working nonstop which is probably the answer," Youvette sung while looking through Slyeena closet the size of a small bedroom.
"Slyeena I don't understand for someone who has all the money and power you do, why are you so willing to give it up?" Youvette said while drifting deeper into Slyeena closet.
"Well, if you dealt with all the uptight soulless pricks I did day after day then maybe you would see where I was coming from," Slyeena said looking around the room helplessly for her lab top. "Have you seen my lab top I can't find it anywhere?"
"No it's probably in the kitchen, which reminds me, when's the last time you even ate at home I mean you haven't even opened any of your pots," Youvette exclaimed drifting deeper into Slyeena's closet.
"Um if you haven't noticed I'm barely at home and when I am its only for about twelve hours before I'm off and away to some foreign country that looks like the previous one I just left except all the signs are in a different language."
"Well if your done with the whole my life is shit speech I would like to get to something a little more what do you say substance I think that's the right word," Youvette said trying to keep her accent from hindering her speech.
"Youvette you always amaze me but stop looking through my clothes as if they're a disease."
"I don't understand," Youvette, sighed helplessly." You have all of this money, a rich fiancé whom I hate and all these clothes yet your life as you call it is boring and mediocre, maybe if you livened up your home, wore bright colors instead of boring colors you might have fun." "I mean look at you, you're beautiful, tall, powerful, and almost at your prime." "If I looked as half good as you then maybe the agency wouldn't make me get so many operations."
"Said the supermodel who just landed a 300,000 dollar job and has about 10 to 15 jobs lined up right behind it, get real." Slyeena said while pushing Youvette out of her closet. "Besides, what's wrong with Chaz you said you liked him at first?" Slyeena said getting irritated.
"Yeah well that's before I learned what a stuck up prick he was." "He's so money greedy and inhumane you should watch out."
"I'll hold my own, but I have to get to work lock up behind you okay."
"Sure, but promise me Slyeena that you'll think about reconsidering marring that jerk for me okay" Youvette said grasping Slyeena's hand.
"Sure, whatever," Slyeena said taking her hand back from Youvette's hold.