Slyeena stepped into a musty auto body shop garage that looked like it hadn't been used for years. Dust clung to the machinery and flew about in the air. Turning her head to see her mom covering her nose with her hand following behind her she mimicked her and did the same. Everyone that knew about Tony knew he didn't work in auto body the shop was just a front and all the real work was done below in the basement where few people came back.

"Mom are you sure we should bring Tony and his guys into this?" Slyeena said trying to back out of their plan before it was too late.

"I'm sure now come on go ahead we can't back out now," Slyeena's mom said looking around at their surroundings.

"Whatever," Slyeena grumbled and continued walking through the garage until she reached a door at the far end that had a sliding window on the top of it. Knocking on the door she looked back at her mom who had her compact out and was applying make up. It had been two days since her mother's stroke and she already was on her feet trying to impress others. Slyeena on the other hand hadn't been home in two days and was wearing old sweats that she found in her old bedroom and had her hair tied in a loose pony tail with no make up on.

"You should have really done something to your hair and put some make up on," Slyeena's mom said to Slyeena looking at her with pity in her eyes.

"Mom," Slyeena grumbled but was cut off from saying anything else when the sliding window opened and a set of eyes appeared.

"Who are you?" the eyes behind the door said with a deep raspy masculine voice.

"Slyeena. Is Tony here I need to talk to him?" Slyeena asked watching as the eyes behind the door looked at the two of them then closed the window and opened the door.

"Come this way," said a big bulky man that looked like he could snap the two of them with one hand tied behind his back.

Looking back at her mom Slyeena sent her daggers but her mom just simply shrugged her shoulders and continued walking.

"This way he's through here," the man said opening a door for the two of them to walk through and shut the door behind them hard making both of them jump.

"Mom I told you this was a bad idea," Slyeena whispered into her mom's ear and then looked around the room to see where they were. The room was a small with four blank walls and no windows and there was three chairs set up in the middle with one light hanging down from the ceiling.

"Shhh," her mom said and walked to the chairs and sat down in one of them and motioned for her daughter to do the same.

After the two had sat down they waited for Tony to come in. Shifting in the rusty metal chairs Slyeena looked at her mom and sent her death stares.

"What dear calm down it will be alright," her mom said and pulled out her compact to apply more make up.

"So what can I do for you today?" a smooth male voice said behind the two.

"Well for one you can come over here and let me see you, I can't believe you made us wait this long boy I'm gonna have to talk to your mother when I get home," Slyeena's mom said.

Elbowing her mom in the side Slyeena looked at her mom and fear crept up on her face. Her and Tony didn't leave on all good terms like her mom thought. He had proposed to her and she turned him down and left him the same day and hadn't talked to him for a couple of years.

"I apologize Margaret I didn't mean to keep you waiting," Tony said and walked closer to the two and sat down in front of them and looked at Slyeena who was sitting on the edge of her seat. Her mom looked like nice yet Slyeena looked like she had just gotten out of a train wreck.

"Heard from my mom that you were in the hospital yet you look great Slyeena on the other hand looks like she just had a stroke," Tony said chuckling to himself.

"Shut up Tony," Slyeena snapped.

"Now dear he's just making an observation. You have to excuse her she's been really edgy lately." Slyeena's mom said with a smile.

"So what did you two come here for?" Tony asked focusing his honey brown eyes on Slyeena trying to keep a smile off his face because of her face turning red and she looked like she was getting ready to explode and bite her mom's head off. Turning his gaze back to Margaret he waited for her reply.

"Well, there's been some trouble going on we were wondering if you heard of anyone who was pulling a job with the big companies and taking money out of the accounts and putting them in others?" Slyeena's mom asked trying to sound tough.

"Nah, haven't heard of anything like that going on but I can look into it," Tony said. "Why the interest?"

"Some dope is framing Slyeena for doing the job and she has all these detectives all over her," Slyeena's mom said and started to get up from her seat.

Laughing quietly under his breath he saw Slyeena's eyes twitch and she started to fidget. "I guess they don't know you to well do they Slyeena?"

"What's that suppose to mean?" Slyeena snapped at him feeling the urge to lock her mom and him away for an indefinite period of time.

"Well if I was pulling a job you would be the last person I would pin it on."

"Yeah that's what I thought. Who ever did this must either know you really well or not know you at all," Slyeena's mom said. "Does anyone ring a bell?"

"No, no one rings a bell," Slyeena, grumbled biting down on her tongue to try to keep herself from saying something that would hurt anyone's feelings. If I knew who did it I would not be here right now Slyeena thought to her self.

"Is that all?" Tony asked.

"Yeah for now. You should really come over sometime I haven't seen you in a while," Slyeena's mom said and looked over to her daughter who was still sitting down in the rusty chair with a killer look on her face. "Come on Slyeena get up were done here." "Tony you really should get better chairs and get some windows put in here."

"I'll think about it. See you some other time Slyeena," Tony said and watched as Slyeena stiffly got out of the chair and looked at her mom with an agitated voice.

"Bye Tony," Slyeena said forcing a smile on her face as she thought of the worst place to send her mom to for retirement living. "Thank you for your time."

"Its cool," he said and walked over to open the door for the two to walk through.