My dad left me before I was even born and wants nothing to do with me at
all. Personally, I think it's his wife, but whatever. If he at least had
the BALLS, he would stand up to her and tell her off or something. A dad's
love I've never known. A dad's protection was never shown. A dad's approval
is all but seen. A dad's pride is not from me. My mom chooses to keep me
from him and him from me. So the tears I shed are only for me. Can't let
her see that I want to know this man; This man who has my eyes. So, I give
up and turn away. I don't want to know him if I'll only have to pay. If he
comes to me, when I'm famous, I'll know he only wants money; he only wants
to have a rich daughter. But I won't let him; I won't be his daughter. I
won't look for him; I won't expect him to be there. I will defend myself
and no some people do care. My dad is nothing to me and I am nothing to
him. I don't care anymore; it's he who chooses to be absent. If I had the
power, I'd have a father in my life. His wife is a money hungry, selfish
WITCH!! And I hope she rots in HELL!!