The Auburn Hare

He sits hidden in the tall, green grass.
Its rosy, fuzzy ears, ever so sensitive,
Twitch in every direction.
Listening for minute sounds on the frozen morning.
Its rosy nose wrinkles
As its dark, brown eyes stare without blinking.
He stares as if he were a person like I, just the same as me.
His smooth, refined coat shows a fiery hue
To contrast with the misty dew on the blades of grass.
Beneath the rising and fall of its body
Stout, strong legs, front and back,
Wait ready to spring if necessary.
A fluffy snowball droops behind.
He advances forward one hop at time;
Collecting dew drops on long, thin whiskers.
He struts across the lawn with the arrogance of a self-conceited man.
This rabbit had figured that I could do him no harm.
A noise shoots out across the lawn.
The skittish, auburn hare bolts from sight.