In The Misty Morn

In the misty morn, the rigid, red rooster woke
He stood shaking silk-like feathers
Clearing his throat with gurgles, guzzles, and croaks
As he perched placidly picturing his song.
On the misty morn, a new sound was heard by the red rooster
Puzzled and petrified the poultry searched for the piggish sound
He found to his discontentment a fiend staring on the wall.
On the wall was a clock, unbeknownst to a rooster, mocking him
The round metal creature had hands like a man and numbers to count.
Yet its tail swung back and forth as its eyes did the same in suit.
It was black and eerie, that monster was a noisy cat!
But how did it stay on the wall?
It did not matter, it just had to go.
Determined to be rid of the noisy black beast
The old red rooster popped through the window
Too short to reach his foe,
The rooster hopped and hurried up the wall
He grabbed a clasp, clasped to the clock
Through the open window they both went
In the puddle pond the rooster put the mocking clock
The next misty morn, the riled rooster woke once more
He guzzled and gargled and croaked a bit too
As he opened his beak and let out a cockle-doodle-doo!