Gleaming petals of diamond
Glistening waves of crystal
Glossy, polished, dazzling gems
Delicate blossoms
Of translucent, silver beams
Each a luminous star on its own
Coiled together
A universe of an intermittent glare
Shining through the awning of leaves
The jaded, grassy canopy
Giggly garlands of the solacing glade
The shafts of yellow starlight
Bursting through to the Heavens
Blinding, sunlit rays
Adorn the azure skies
In the fantasy wood of everlasting light
Where the roses bloom as glass.

Slender, gilded fingers
Reaching towards the sun
Craving for its radiance
To bathe their starving blackness
Transforming them to burnished beauties
Make them sparkle in your eyes
Make them twinkle
Sprinkle brilliance
Beads of golden dew
Upon your disregarding soul
Begging you to dismiss your troubles
Gaze upon their flawlessness
If only for a moment
Stare with enchanted wonder
And just once-
Won't you smell the roses?

Such an austere act of pure indulgence
So plain and sweetly simple
Could it really hurt to try?
How long could it really take
Of your so-called
Valued time?
How about-

Those dew-drenched, glinting flowers
Reflections of the sun
Mirrors of its luster
Echoing its loving glow
In tainted rays of evil
Such an warped, distorted resonance
As they seduce those who dare
To give in to their exotic light.

Resting in the faintly glimmering courtyard
In the mystifying garden
Of that castle in the sky
With gentle, curving bows
And intertwining, embellished stalks
Titivated with blades of jewel
To slice through your nasal flesh
As you attempt to merely
Feel their exquisiteness
And sigh-
Ensnared in their divinely captivating illusion
For eternity...
As their euphoric perfume
Wafts into your mind
In erroneous, raven ripples
Pallid, cloudy, crimson smoke
Hissing remnants of the
Angels' rapturous inebriation.

So easy to detest.
Yet so easy to love...
Could you crush their innocent flickers
So pretty
So frail
Even through all that spite
Could you smash that upon the rocks?
Shards of a forgotten light
Scattered upon the cobblestones
The path that leads to hope
Splinters of icy glass
Dusted across the pebbles
No more
To slash your face.
No more
To paint scarlet gashes across your cheeks
You could have just them left alone.
A peaceful grove of artificial perfection.