Why I'm not a Christian

By: Melissa Dagley

A/N: I've decided to rewrite this essay because many people who are not reading what is actually there. This time I'll make it easier for people skimming to get the point of the essay rather than assuming.

The reason that I'm not a Christian has a little to do with not believing that these crazy stories that are portrayed in the bible are true, and lot to do with the attitudes and ways of most Christians. Today, most Christians do not believe in Christianity, they just say they do as to fit in with the mainstream, or because they are afraid of being a heretic. Many Christians do not follow the ways of the bible, they contradict themselves, and overall they remind me of salesmen. It seems to me that most Christians are overly concerned with whether or not everyone they know is Christian, they feel the need to change people, and sell them their product. They seem to think that they are superior because of this "great" thing that they are part of, but it's become less of a religion and more of a prestigious club. Their churches take up space that could be better used for schools, women's shelters, or something else of more importance to the community. Why does one community have to have 20 churches? Why do they need two or three churches all right next to each other? Why do they feel the need to discriminate and separate all the people of their religion into different churches, when just as easily they could go to one church and save space? And I remind you, this is not toward all Christians, just most Christians that I've had the misfortune of meeting. Always getting into my business, trying to change me, and trying to fill me with guilt and regret. This is why I can't and will not be Christian, because in my mind I would be going down and not up, I would be lowering myself and my standards. And most of all I would be going against all of my beliefs. I'm sorry if you can't be my friend because of this, but I don't think that there is anything wrong with me having my own beliefs, or having no beliefs at all. This is my life and I will do as I wish.

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