Relic Hunters

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The year is 2304; the location is Kyoto, Japan. Much like every other country these days, Japan has been reduced to rubble and ruins; about 27 years ago there was a factory explosion, a special hospital to be exact. Thousands of people were exposed to the dangerous and untested future medicine of the new world. These medicines caused damage in the DNA strand, which brought mutations at birth. Some children were born without the muscles they needed to move regularly, and needed special braces. There is a rumor that a small crowd of people was actually born with DNA. . .enhancements. These people were called GEO's (genetically enhanced organism) if they actually existed.

Jobs have been wiped from Japan, but the government will not allow people to leave legally. They need helpers---helpers for the new world that is the future Japan. But nobody wanted these jobs; they weren't normal jobs. They required hard work, and most likely with hazardous working conditions. The deaths at work accumulate more than deaths due to car crashes. . .but no commoner knows why. Homeless people are everywhere on the streets, because of these problems. Of course, they'd rather rot in a dumpster than work for the NPJ (New Japan Project). As long as the government revived Japan, then everyone can live the way they started---with the hunger for money. But the money was not for material things, but for power. No commodity was worth anything anymore. Although, there is one kind of commodity that is worth more than money, and those are historic weapons, relics, as they were called.

Street gangs and the homeless people were planning to start a war against the government, but there were no military weapons to be used against them. So they have to resort to what was made then.

A couple of centuries ago (about the year 2100), Japanese military scientists were working on compact weapons, such as a handle that created a blade out of concentrated laser. This was called a saber. They also created handguns with the power of a mortar launcher. These were used for war, and nothing else. Soon though, the weapons deceased. They could not produce the energy needed to power these weapons fast enough, and had to shut down.

Before the weapons were halted though, a Japanese military scientist named Hwong Jun-tai was working on three prototype weapons. They were used with the same technology, but based off of historic weapons. One was based off of a Scimitar, a blade that curved and broadened as it went up. The second relic was a pair of short handles with a small curve at the end one side. A very small and curved blade would come out and barely cover over the knuckles; in other words, they were like brass knuckles using the technology of a concentrated laser. Hwong called these Daggers. The last relic was a long steel pole; at the end of the pole a 34 inch curved blade extended out. It was dubbed a Sickle, the weapon used by the legendary Grim Reaper himself. These were only prototypes. . .but they worked too well.

These weapons did not require a constant charge of energy (which the other weapons, as mentioned earlier, did), so they were much more reliable. The only problem is the fact that these weapons needed much practice to use properly, unlike the others. They are much more powerful than there predecessors, so therefore harder to use. Perhaps a GEO could handle one. It doesn't really matter though; Hwong's prototype weapons were deemed lost. A street gang says otherwise though, that two of them were found. The Scimitar and the Daggers. How do they know? How do I know? Because homeless people and gang members are searching for them, so info goes around. And if this war is not started soon against the government, then the people of Japan will live no more.

So two unlikely strangers are working to stop that. Their names are Rune and Erica. Rune is a 19-year-old male; his father worked in the hospital that exploded. Erica is an 18-year-old female, and her parents both worked at a factory near the explosion. The medical virus affected their parents, and they both had the genes passed to them at birth. They were lucky; they had no bad side effects. . .they received the other side. . .

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