The Curse.

You don't know what to think of me,

I'll be there but I never come by,

They say that I don't fit in very well,

But I accept my advantageous curse.

The thing that sets me apart from you,

Times that I should fade wallflower style,

I can't ever quite do that I'm here now,

Just an invisible prophecy waiting.

I know I'm all talk and no action,

That's just the safest way to be today,

Every second word is a put down,

I'm already as low as I could get.

I'm the ambiguous performer,

Just another actor on this big stage,

Throw me roses after the show,

They cut so deep with their thorns.

An enigma of society crushed,

For people value uniqueness,

And yet make the unique outcasts,

The hypocritical crowd of vultures.

I've never known what I want,

Though what I don't want I know,

Being like that some passing fad,

After it's over will I be dead?

If I startle or astound you I'm not sorry,

There's too many sins to forgive,

My living is not a sin to me,

For once shut up and let me live.