New dirt
Tumbled beneath the lilacs
Which scent the air, until to breathe
Is to dream of early summer
I have this dream some lazy nights
A dream of lights
And people swarming about me
Until through the hazy dream-light comes your face
Suspended in the fog of crowds
I reach to touch you
But you disappear
Leaving me only with the smell of lilacs
Untouchable you have always been
Out of my reach; beyond my ken
Do you hide yourself there, alone?
Do you carry secrets too awful to be shown?
Must I remove your walls stone by stone?
I had long hair one summer
Soft and thick--all over
You would have loved it
But I cut it off before I knew you
There's something about seashells and starfish
Which makes me want to dive with you
Down forever in the green sea
Hanging suspended between life and death
And with your hand in mine for the ages
Among exotic fish and seaweed
With light touching us through the green waves
The world is not a friendly place
But I can forget it when I see your face
And sometimes in between your careless words
There is a tone of wonder that lets me know you've heard
The singing of the desert
The weeping of the wind
And the laughing of the stars in their eternal night
They are cold, so cold, I am afraid
Hold my hand, dear--hold on tight
Lilacs on a green lawn
In their new dirt
I'd love to stay with you
'Til the summer sinks below the sea