AN: To anyone who read this after I posted Reckless, the second part is up. The emailing for notification offer is, unfortunately, not on at the moment because it was only until I posted the first chapter of part 2. That said, if you're reading this, and want to read the second part:

You can just copy/paste the ID# (1574204) into the address bar at the top of your screen instead of flawless' ID#...

Or you can just take the easiest way and search through my bio. It's in the top five of my stories authored, I assure you :D

Now. Final things: Part 2 takes place during the school holidays, so the holidays aren't a bad thing XD

I don't have the original copies for each chapter anymore because we have reformatted the computer since then, and they got lost along the way, therefore I can't add in scene changers to the chapters posted before the last few. I don't know why fictionpress decided to change their formatting all of a sudden, but they have, and the oh-so-nice way I had of setting it out is no longer viable.

That said, may you find Reckless easily and I hope you enjoy that as well.

Ja ne!! ^^