And I loved Him

I know what I was getting into. He told me not to tense up. That it would hurt more if I did. But when his fangs entered my neck I immediately tensed and the pain was immense. My body instinctively resisted the gentle sucking, trying vainly to stop the flow. Thoughts that weren't my own told me not to be scared, not to resist, and it might actually feel good. These thought were strong and comforting and the more I listened to them the pain began to ebb. I don't know how long it lasted, but when it stopped, I wished it hadn't. I felt weak in his arms and he had to support my weight. His hand cupped my head pressing it to his chest. There my mouth found a warm sticky nectar. His blood flowed through me permeating every cell in my body. And suddenly I could see, or rather I could see his thoughts. I could see through his eyes. I saw how he saw me, and I was beautiful. I could see his love for me and love swelled inside of me in return. I was no longer blind. Then it was over. I was blind again and I felt cold and tired. He supported me in his arms humming softly. A hunger welled deep inside me. I looked up into at my soulmate. I could see not him, but him as he saw himself. Joy filled my heart at the very sight of him. He had given me a new life and my sight through the mind of anyone in the room. True I could never be alone, for I would be blind, but I would never be alone. He would be with me, at my side always.

And I loved him.