Downfall of all
All is gone
All is dead
Fell the blood run down your wrists.
What have you done?
You sit there feeling sorry for yourself!
You've ruined all your chances at happiness
It's over now,
You're feeling faint
You see the light
Feel no restraint.
Your mom walks in
She sees the pool
Seems you forgot the golden rule.
Believe in life
Trust in it too
God hasn't given up on you.
But it's too late
You can't go back
Your mothers crying
Open your eyes
She doesn't want to sat goodbye.
Now your coffins open
All can see
Your wrists are hidden
And no longer bleed.
God is crying
He doesn't understand
Why this evil plagues his land.
So Gods new rule
You all must heed
So that if you should ever feel the need
To end it all
To stop the pain.
And see,
That when your at the bottom,
You have so much to gain.