Children of the shards.

She sat silently , watching with glazed green eyes. The wind, outside the thick reinforced glass windows , sent the trees whirling in anger as the sky darkened.

Professor Turok watched as she twirled one tiny index finger and a large Palm tree danced in circular motions in the wind. A small smile played at the corner of the little girls lips. This was her first time experimenting with her powers , her first venture 'out of the box' as the Med. Tech' s called it .But today was a major turning point in this child's life .M-17 would soon be transported to a more permanent facility where her powers could truly be heightened.

"That's it now M-17 ." Professor Turok stood next to her placing a hand on her shoulder before signing the words to her.

The little girl shrugged off his hand and pressed her open palm against the cold glass. Out side a cyclone of leaves and debris tore at the window to no avail. The professor signed furiously but the child closed her eyes against his signals.

Focusing her inner eye on the fury out side she directed the full force of the storm against the window .Out of the swirling night a large object hurled towards the window. As it approached an alarm sounded ,the lights inside the lab dimmed as the infrared lights scanned the perimeter tracking the object .The tree exploded in a burst of red and green light charred debris pelted the glass. All around the lab, scientists rushed to the window and the girl now collapsed on the floor at the professors feet. In his hand an empty syringe, beads of yellow liquid dripping from the needle tip.

"She has some sort of self awareness."

"It's too strong ."

"She shouldn't be able to summon so much power."

"But It did ,we cannot risk another situation like this.

"But ."

"Its time this program was terminated."

"How many more specimens must we destroy before you .."

"As many as necessary. We cannot have these.creatures ruining my experiment."

"These creatures are human children!"

"No ,they are genetic mistakes that the world should never know of."

"But they're human beings!"

" Were professor, were."

"How can you ."

"Why are you still here?"

"God help us ."

"That He will, when He sends Me a cure ."