The stars above us
are shining through
my heart of love
and everlasting wishes.

The world around us
caught in the embrace
of the dark night
and silent dreams.

The world is ours to keep.
The world is ours to know.
The dreams are ours
to imagine.
And the night is ours
for one last wish
under one last star.

A final goodbye
with wishes in every dream.
A final goobye tonight.
You're leaving from my world.
Wishes surrounding us.
And a tear from my eye...

You'll be leaving soon.
And I'll be alone.
This one last night
under one last star
To wish on.

A/N: It's the one year anniversary since I wrote this poem and I still remember this night so clearly.
I thought that since this was one of my favorite poems, I'd share it up here...