By:Andrew Troy Keller

In the year 2991,the crew of the starship USS Spielberg had just entered a newly discovered star system and started scanning all the planets within the system to see which ones were just like their own home planet Earth.

After such a planet has been found,the ship's commanding officer,Captain Roger Morgan had ordered his second-in-command,Commander Maria Hernendez to lead a team to the planet's surface and discover what new forms of life could possibly be found on that planet.

As soon as their shuttle pod had reached the planet's surface and the team had gotten out of the shuttle,Maria had ordered the other team members to split up and start scanning the planet for any new signs of life.

About one--maybe two feet away from the shuttle later,Maria had suddenly discovered a strange looking arch standing on a small patch of land on a portion of shallow water.

After she had stepped closer towards the mysterious arch and started using her portable scanner on it,Maria had suddenly became shocked,when the arch had started to hum so loud and hum so bright in front of her.

And then,as she had tried to get into contact with her fellow team members,the arch had hummed louder and glowed brighter.

As a matter of fact,it had glowed so brightly that it was hard for Maria to keep her eyes open.

But then,after she had finally gotten the chance to open her eyes,Maria had suddenly became even more shocked,when she had discovered that she had been teleported back to the year 1979.

And as she was trying to figure out how it had happened,a taxi-cab had stopped in front of her and it's driver had opened the rear passager door and asked,"Excuse me,ma'am?Do you need a ride to somewhere?"

After she had noticed that she wasn't feeling like walking around the city of New York for the rest of her life,Maria had decided to get into the cab and allow the driver to take her on a tour of the Big Apple itself with hopes of finding a way to get back to her own era of time.

But even though she had seen the many great wonders of the city,poor Maria had started to cry,because she was unable to find a way to get back to the year 2991.

After he had noticed that she was being sad over something,the cab driver,John Banner had invited Maria over to his place with hopes that a nice lunch would help take her mind off of her problems.

"Yes.I would like it.",said Maria,while she was wiping the tears away from her eyes."I would really go for a bite."

After they had arrived at his apartment,John had told Maria to make herself at home,while he goes down to the restaraunt under the apartment and get some chinese take-out.

While they were enjoying their lunch,Maria had accidently squirted some duck sauce on her Star Corps uniform instead of her eggrole.

After John had voluntered to pay for the dry cleanning,he and Maria had gone into the bedroom,where he had offered her something else to wear until her uniform was good as new.

But then,after she had removed her uniform,John had looked at Maria and saw how beautiful she really was.

And then,after he had removed all of his clothes and walked over to her,Maria had looked at John and started to feel the same way about him.

After they had stared at each other for about a few minutes,both John and Maria had wrapped their arms around each other and gave themselves a passionate kiss on the lips.

And then,as the rest of the city had continued on with their afternoon grind,the two newfound lovers were enjoying the most erotic,romantic moment of each of their lives.

Then,that very evening,while both John and Maria were still sleeping in each other's nude arms,a mysteriously bright light had appeared in the bedroom.

And after they had woken up and discovered the light that had appeared before them,two mysterious figuers had walked out of the light and stood next to the bed.

"Commander Maria Hernendez,we are the ones who had constructed the arch as a way to travel to other worlds for observation purposes only.",said one of the beings."Your traveling back to the Earth time era 1979 has been considered an accident."

"If you wish us to do so.",said the second being."We shall return you to your true time era."

And then,after John and Maria had looked at each other and smiled,she had looked at the beings of light and said,"Thanks,but no thanks.I think I should stay right here."

And after they had seen John and Maria hug each other and noticed how much they love each other,the first light being had bowed his head and said,"Very well,Commander.You had made your choice."

After the light beings had walked into their doorway--and that same doorway had disappeared,both John and Maria had fallen asleep in each other's naked arms.

And the two star-crossed--make that:time-crossed--lovers had been living long and prospered ever since.