Face lights

Am I the only one who sees the lights
I often wonder what they think
when they see me staring wide eyed ,
sometimes, mouth a little agape
as blue or gray faced beings cross my broken path

I wonder why they glow
Yet I hold that its not my business
If they cant see their light why should I tell them
If the reds are always happy
And the blues are soon to die
Or the grays are always crying
and the yellows wander ,why
in all gods wisdom did he curse me
with the gift of second sight
if I were blind and broken ,
then id long to see these lights
but I am me 20/20 vibrant happy
a child of the lotus
mindful of life's little torments
hateful of my mortal life

If you should pass me in street or bar
and I seem a bit far off
with eyes glued to your face
run for your like or pray to be blue
and ill hope to never be you.