Yearning for the blade

But know I can't have it

Want to see the blood

Feel the pain on my skin

Any blade... any blade...

Will someone give me one? No, you won't 'Cuz you know what I'll do

What if it goes to far, you ask

It's none of your concern, I reply 'Cuz you shouldn't care

Just like I don't

But I won't, 'cuz I know

That it might indeed

Go to far Out of my reach

Don't know the ending

Of this story

But it ain't guna end now

I can tell you that

'Cuz I've silently made a promise

To my friends

And to myself Then I think 'bout you

And 'bout the things you say

Suddenly things don't seem Half as bad as they were before

I smile at the few happy memories

That I still have left

And most of them have you in them

The tears finally stop

And I can smile a real smile

'Cuz you've helped me

Through so much...