Save Me

Will someone talk to me?
Not just talk,
but hear me out?

Can't you see?
I'm losing myself;
I'm not the same anymore.
Don't you see?
Can't you tell?

Will someone save me?
I'm in limbo;
in the valley of death.
The darkness seems so comforting;
it's luring me;
captivating me;
traping me.

Can't someone notice?
The silent screams and pleas
that's emanating from me?
Or are you feigning ignorance;
minding your own business;
thinking that not doing anything is always the best
for this "teenage phrase" will pass?

Doesn't anyone care?
Doesn't anyone listen?
Doesn't anyone wonder,
what's wrong with the child who used to be the embodiment of life-energy?
Doesn't anyone wonder, why the child's now encumbered in dark thoughs of





Why doesn't anyone care?


Written on - [05/06/2003]
I realised once again the sad indifference of society. This is going out to all the ones who are
in pain mentally, emotionally or physically and have no solace.