A/N : The concept of this very short story was written almost a year ago , from an unknown reason , I deleted it, but two days ago I remembered the idea I had and started to re-write it. Not as good as the first time,but enjoy and R&R. Thanks!

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The clock woke her up suddenly . It was Sunday morning , why the fuck was she up at....6 in the morning ?!

She hit the clock and turned on the other side, but she was awake.She heard the urban noise outside , the cars passing , and the sound of rain falling on the concrete .She remembered why she had to be awake. She opened her eyes and faced the pale orange wall and remembered she had a dream of water last night. She turned to face the window and slipped into the khaki house pants that laid on the bed .She took a few breaths and started walking towards the kitchen where she quickly made herself a hot cup of coffee. When she turned, the clock showed 6:12. In twelve minutes she was awake, and coffee filled. It was enough time until 7:30.

She looked outside the window , as raindrops hit it gently. No sight of a powerful light , just dim ones here and there, no sight of a new sunny day.

"Very good " She smiled.


The S13 was demanding her works. The car , made in '91 never ever was repaired ,and as the front tires once again passed in a huge hole in the road and the motor made some very wierd sounds she knew it was something she had to do very soon. If she won't get another car that is. Flat chance. No more cars were made like these.

At the weather report was said that it would continue raining all trough the day , yet half of Michael's men were outside the hangar here at the docks , everyone working , dressed in plastic coats or some running around with umbrellas.

She parked the car near some wooden boxes witch probably contained stuff she never heard of, so she didn't bothered asking anyone about theme , and jumped out of the car. The jeans jacket and the black jeans with ripped knees soaked immediately as she was running inside.

Some saluted her , but didn't stopped working , as she was going towards Michael's so called office , somewhere at the end of the hangar. As usual, several new cars and some used ones appeared on her side.

She opened the door and the first thing she searched was her cup of coffee. Witch seemed to magically dissapeared.

"Where is my coffee?" She asked the man beasides her.

" What coffee ?"

" Mike, I told you to get me some coffee ! I slept 3 hours last night and I expected at least some fucking coffee ."

" Wow miss Anger Management ! Here, take mine if you're so nervous thins morning !" He replied giving his cup to her.After the cup , a towel soon followed , witch she accepted gladly and started to rub her short black hair.

" Of course I will. So , what's up ? What do I have to do now ? "

The blue eyed brunette witch seemed to be close to her age , maybe one year or two older, headed towards the desk filled with papers and soda cans and got something out of a drawer.

" This ."

" An envelope ? I have to deliever an envelope ? O~kay.....then I shouldn't ask what it contains, should I ?"

" No you shouldn't."

"Okie dokie....." She replied and took a sip from the coffee." Ahhh...this is decaf Mike ! Take it away ! " She suddenly bursted out giving him his cup back.

" I don't have anything to give you to keep you awake ,hon. "

" I'll get some Coke on the way. What's the address ?"

" It's written on the envelope. You have to deliver it before dark."

"Okay. I'll better fly away now. Bye !" She replied, stretched at the keys on the desk and exited the room.

" Yo ! What are you doing with my car keys ? " Michael screamed at her from the door.

" Mine's almost destroyed, and I mean it. Tell someone to see what's wrong with it. Please?" She told him as she was walking backwards so she could face him.

Michael just shook his head and returned to his papers .

The short haired brunette ran outside in the rain again , and tried to locate Michale's car. She found it almost glued to the hangar , a dark brown Mercedes Cobra . She opened it and stuffed the envelope under the backseat . Put her hands between the two pieces of leather that made the backseat and checked. She smirked as she touched the cold wood with her fingers. The baseball bat was there.

She started the car and exited the docks.


It was almost 12 in the afternoon. Yet the rain barely stopped . She was close to her destination , a certain No.3 somewhere on the highway. She stopped as a small bar and motel named ' Nowhere ' -very inspirated name,since the highway was right in the middle of nowhere- as the address on the envelope said.

As she thought , the bar was filled with men of all sizes but with the same dazed looks on their faces , with the same cheap beer and the same smell of bad cigars floating around.God, she hated these places !

" Excuse me, can you tell me if someone registered at room No. 3 ?" She asked the old bartender.

" Yeah , just this morning. Why ? " He repiled with a curious look on his face .

" I have something to give him. Thank you."

And before the man could say anything else she stepped out and ran towards the room. Slipped the envelope quietly under the door and as soon as she heard a noise she threw it inside and left running again. What contained the envelope or who was inside was not her job. She was there only to deliver.Curious people that stuck their noses in these kind of jobs got it bad. And she knew that because Michael also lost another of his two couriers two months ago because of it. But who could of ever resisted a briefcase filled with dollars ? Too bad they were all fake......

The car started fast and in a couple of seconds she was back on the highway and far away from the destination of the envelope. Her own standard procedure.Sort of a hit and run thing.Better for everyone.It was not done yet tough. She kept on driving still , until a C-Class silver Mercedes passed near her and flashed its lights. She stopped and quickly took the baseball bat out of between the chairs. Couriers were not allowed to wear weapons in this kind of deliveries. Why, she didn't knew yet but she made a note in her memory to ask Michael later.

She lowered the window and waited, until a tall man , dressed in a black latex jacket and a blue shirt exited the car behind her.In her mirror she saw his brand new shoes matching the black pants. As far as she knew if anyone would of killed the other couriers , they wouldn't wear these kind of shoes. But who knows ? She kept the baseball bat close.

No word was said, he opened a briefcase in front of her. She was quite stunned to see it was half full with money. Now she knew she had absolutely no questions about what was in the envelope. She didn't wanted to know. She shook her head, took the briefcase inside the car and started her engine , leaving the man behind , as he was going back to the Mercedes.

Everything went allright.

So , after about half an hour of driving, she stopped at a gas station to do a fill and ate some junk food and drank some Coke. Also a coffee.....

At about an hour of driving, as she got closer to New York , patiently waiting to get back to Michael to get her money , she heard a sound, the steering wheel started to turn on its own and for a couple of seconds she thought she lost control, until she hit the break and opened the door fast.

" Oh that's so fucking perfect !" She screamed and hit the door.

She had a flat tire.

" Of course ! How could I ever not have trouble, and , of course, in the middle of the rain ,Annie has to change her tire ! Hurray for me and the black cloud following me everywhere ! " She started talking to herself, while gesturing with her hands and hitting the car.

She looked at the tire and knew she had no chance to turn to the gas station , and she didn't even had a cell phone to call for help. Realizing she had to change it herself, she headed towards the back of the car and opened the trunk. She stood a couple of seconds motionless with her eyes wide and closed the trunk fast .

" Oh ..... my God !" She took some deep breaths , and looked around to see if anyone noticed her. No one was around.

She opened the trunk again and the painful truth that she was not hallucinating hit her and she closed it again.

"................I ....have ......a.....heh.....a dead body in my trunk ..." She smiled and took a deep breath. " O~kaaaaay Annie......think ! Think fast !" She put a hand to her forehead as she was desperately looking her pack of Pall Mall trough her jacket.

She found it and took out the last cigar and light it on as she leaned on her trunk thinking how was she supposed to walk trough New york with a friggen dead body in her trunk , not minding the rain anymore,even tough she was soaked and wet to the bone. The thing was that a police filter was exactly on the way to the docks, one of Michael's men told her before she left . They were looking for drugs or something like that in the area.

Maybe that's why it was all the comotion at the hangar earlier that day . Mike was trying to hide or sell the guns and cars before the police would of searched the hangar.Half of the policemen under 40 knew Mike , he was already shoplifting when he was 10 . She found that out from Caine , one of Mike's most trusted men . He was first caught while shoplifting some porn magazines. Annie giggled at the image of a young Michael reading porn magazines. She didn't knew why tough , it seemed funny since he was always such an workaholic.

As no car passed, she opened the trunk and studied the corpse laying in front of her. Male , brown hair , seemed to be sorta frozen to death , but she found that the cause of the guy's death must of been all the bullets that seemed to be filling his chest and abdomen .He was folded in a plastic bag .His face was blue and violet in some places. The view spooked her but she kept calm , yet some cold chills ran down her spine as she was trying to get rid of the images from ' Return Of The Living Dead ', of zombies eating people's brains.

" Grow up !"She said to herself as she stretched and pulled the bag , trying to see how heavy it was. Too heavy.

She couldn't carry him by herself, the man was close to obease.She was quite surprised he fit in the trunk.....

" If there is something incriminating you that can make you and us get in trouble, no matter what it is, get rid of it ...blah , blah , blah.....you said it Mikey, not me !" She shook her head while Michael's words came into her mind .

She got a bag from the trunk , put some of the junk food she had left , the suitcase and the baseball bat , because she knew he loved that bat to death, and didn't bothered to close the car. She got under it and put a piece of paper,witch she sticked with her gum on the gas tank and lighted her lighter . As the paper started burning she got as far as she could by running and after that started to walk slowly on the edge of the highway .

Suddenly, the car exploded behind her and a huge fire started.She just hoped the body would be ash before the rain or the firemen would come and chocke the fire.

Oh well.....she got a chocolate bar out of the bag and started eating it, as she started to hitchhike.


It was almost night when she arrived. few men were around , most were just smoking, others running into the hangar, some carrying some boxes or bags. Annie entered the hangar with the bag on her shoulder and yet another chocolate bar in her hand. She opened Michael's door with noise and put the bag on his desk. He looked at her and rose an eyebrow.

" Why the FUCK didn't YOU told me I have a DEAD BODY in my trunk ?! " She yelled hitting the desk with her palms.

" What?!" He replied.

" Hello! Your car , dead body ! Earth to Mike !"

He stood a couple of seconds analyzing what she said.

" OH my God the body ! "

" Ooooohhhh yeeeeeeees..........." She smiled angry at him .

" I totally forgot about it ! What did you do with it ?"

" Burned it. Along with the car ."

" The CAR ?"

" Yes , the car."

" My car ?"

" Your car."

" How ?"

" I burned it."

" WHAT ?"

" It was necessary."

" God !"

" No , just Annie."

He frowned at her , trying to find some appropiate words to say.

" Why ?"

" Wha--- WHY ?WHY? Because there was a friggen police filter waiting 10meters in front of me !" She lied . She had to. Michael would of always find a way to blame her for the loss of his car . He would of always had some bright idea of how she could of escaped in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire .

Michael took a deep breath and fell back on his chair.

" Oh God...."

" Does that mean I won't get paid ? " She asked.

" You will fucking get paid, you have the money in your car."

" Ahhh...fuck you Mike ! Styop being such an ass ! You would of done it too !"She repiled. they knew each other since 3 years ago, they cursed one another like they were saying 'hello'.

" No I wouldn't."

" Yes you would !"

" Go home already ! I'll call you the day after tomorrow...."

She got her chocolate bars out of the bag and exited his office. In the car , under the driver's seat she found her money , $5000. That would be enough for her to last for some days until she'll be needed again. She glued her Driver's License under the driver's seat and got another one out. This time she was Samantha. She smiled at the envelope with money and started the car , heading back home.

The rain kept falling down.