A young slender girl with flowing black hair and a pale face walks into a locker room holding a note in her hand as she walks by boys dressing hiding themselves from embarrassment from her as she passes the small hallways toward the physical education office inside the lightly lit locker room. Tapping on a wooden door lightly Vashti looked around the smelly locker room as boys ran for cover from her. Smiling she turned her head to the door as an old man opened the door and then turned red at the sight of seeing a woman in his locker room.

"What on earth are you doing in here?" "A girl can't be in the locker room!" said an old man grabbing onto Vashti's arm trying to bring her into his office.

"That's okay I'm here to bring you this note, besides they don't have anything I haven't seem before," Vashti said turning around with a mischievous smile on her face chuckling softly as she walked back by the boys who were covering themselves.

Vashti slammed the boy's locker room door as she walked stiffly into the highly lit corridor that opened to the outside courtyard. Walking with her heels tapping lightly on the cement Vashti looked around her making sure that no one was following her to ask if she had a pass or where her class was. Laughing to herself lightly she remembered that she ruled this school and no one could take it away from here.

"Miss Karnack, why are you not in class, I thought we talked about you skipping class," said a stern looking woman pointing her long fat finger at Vashti walking toward her.

"I was just delivering a letter to Mr. Humphrey no need to get your panties tied in a bunch," Vashti said with cold eyes starting the old woman down.

"Don't get smart with me young lady I told you your about almost out of this school one more mess up and your gone," said the old lady turning sharply on her heels walking stiffly.

"Whatever," Vashti said turning back around to walk to her class. Then realizing that she forgot where her class was since it was a long time since she actually went to the class. Pondering furiously Vashti remembered that she had AP European history this period. Wincing she realized why she always skipped that class why did she need to know about a country that she didn't even want to go to. Deciding to go to class Vashti pulled out her compact and applied foundation to her face and put on a fresh layer red tinted lip-gloss on her full lips.

Opening the door to a college layout room Vashti found her self- stepping into a full-blown debate between two students as they debated whether The French Revolution was worth all of the bloodshed. Shaking her head and walking further into the class the two classmates that were arguing stopped as the door behind her slammed loudly.

"Great of you to show up with ten minuets left in class," said a tall man with dark black hair that almost hid his eyes.

"Yeah well at least I'm here," Vashti said while looking over the students in the class waving at a few of them that were applauding her.

"If you would like to be in my class please make sure you come here on time from now on," said the man looking at Vashti then at the class causing them to stop applauding and open there books.

"And who are you?" "You surely don't look like Mr. Arness to me," Vashti said coming closer to the tall man who was talking to her. "And you don't act like him either, Mr. Arness would be happy if I came to his class with ten minuets left, usually I don't come at all."

"Well I'm not Mr. Arness and I don't allow people coming into my class whenever they want no matter their status."

"Well are you a permanent substitute or something," Vashti said walking across the large room to the teacher's desk looking at the papers shuffling through them.

"No actually I'm a student teacher and I would appreciate it if you would remove yourself from the desk."

"What's your name no one told me about a student teacher coming into the school to teach classes?"

"My name is Mr. Kneels, and I would appreciate it if you would sit down at a desk so my students can finish their debate," Mr. Kneels said walking over to his desk and taking his papers out of Vashti's hand.

"Whatever this class is boring anyways," Vashti said walking toward the door "Who wants to learn about European history anyways were seniors none of this is going to help us in the real world," Vashti said opening the door walking through.

"If that is how you feel then maybe you should come to a full class and actually see what we learn before passing judgment," said Mr. Kneels.

"Please," Vashti said as she walked out of the door and starting walking down the hallway to the exit. Thinking to herself about how bored she was with school Vashti fished out her keys to her Ferrari and walked past the guards throwing them a twenty when she passed and continued walking to her car. Glancing back Vashti decided that she needed a drink to calm her headache that she could feel coming. Starting her car and playing Linkin Park she rolled off bobbing her head and drumming her fingers as she listened to the drums in the background.