I sat back in my chair and stretched, taking a good look around my new twenty by twenty cubical over looking Central Park. It was clean and smelled of new carpeting put in only a few days ago. I had finally made it, or well, I was beginning to make it. As a newcomer at the Johnson and Lebroy law firm I was surprised at what a nice working space I had been given. The view was gorgeous, but it could hardly beat the fact that right outside my door walked all the blonde and busty secretaries. I was a young man of twenty-eight at the time, newly graduated from law school and ready to truly start my life. I didn't think things could get any better but I was always open to that fact that they could get worse. But to finally be out of that little town and to be here now, in New York City, a cooperate lawyer in the making. I turned and look at my reflection in the in the window, "Johnny, my boy," I said, pointing to the man in the window, "You've done it!!"

I nearly jumped out of my chair when I heard a knock on my door, taking me out of my day dream. I whirled around in my chair with wheels and rotating seat to see my new boss r. James H. Kingsley. According to Sandra, the blonde with the amber eyes, no one knew what they "H" stood for but it was rumored to be Hord. Poor guy. I wouldn't have told anyone my middle name either if it had been Hord. Mr. Kingsley was a tall man with dark blue eyes that stared deep into you making his presence even more commanding. He was going slightly bawled and his once black hair was starting to fade to gray.

"Well Mr. Taylor, how do you like your office?" he asked, looking at me over the rim of his glasses.

"It's perfect Mr. Kingsley," I said, confidently, "I couldn't have chosen a better spot to be in. Great view," I nodded towards the park below and sat back in my chair to show that I was settled and satisfied.

"Very well," said Mr. Kingsley, turning and leaving the room. After he left I sat there puzzled as to what I should do next. I doubted I would be given any good cases right away, being a rookie and all. But I couldn't help but remind myself that I was the second youngest lawyer in the firm and that meant I was the best of the best. I had no idea who the youngest attorney was, but I was determined to find out who he was and see what made this guy oh so special that he graduated from law school at twenty-three. A genius, Sandra had said. Spoke eight different languages and had never lost a case in his small but grueling career.

With nothing better to do I started to jot down pickup lines I could use to ask Sandra out to dinner. I gave up on this early on though and decided to just wing it when the time came. In the mean time, I was going to scout out the men's room. I walked out of my office feeling very high and mighty.

I strutted through a room full of people doing this and that, yelling at this person and throwing papers at that person. I barely heard the door open over the din but I certainly noticed when every head in the room looked up and stared for a moment at the person who had just entered. As I looked up to see who it was, people around me tried to discretely get back to whatever they were doing before. My eyes stopped dead on the woman who had just walked into the room. It was like slow motion in a movie or television show. She had shining brown hair that had been done up in an elaborate bun with curls and braids that was pulled back tightly to reveal her face. An incredible face. It started with a long forehead followed by the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. They were like two sapphires glittering in the sunlight. A perfectly shaped nose followed the sapphires and plush little lips that sat on the bottom of her face completing it with such grace and such beauty I thought it must have been love at first sight. She was wearing a black skirt and jacket that was worn a bit tighter then most women working in the office. Underneath her jacket she wore and off white silk button up blouse shirt that buttoned down just low enough to make my heart race. The ensemble was completed with a pair of three and a half inch heels and some sparkling gold jewelry.

She was wearing makeup but she was the kind of person you would look at and just see that they had a natural beauty that was untouchable. Her face was very serious and she walked with authority. Not the type of person to be picked up by some cheesy one liner.

I ran over to Paul Cunningham's desk. Paul had been with the firm for about three years and he and I had hit it off right away.

"Paul, Paul!" I said, trying to catch my breath, "Paul, whose secretary is that?" Paul glanced over at the her. He chuckled softly and shook his head, "Well goldsmith, who is she?"

"That," said Paul, looking her over, "is Lara. She isn't a secretary she's a lawyer. Mr. Lebroy's granddaughter o be exact. Graduated from law school at twenty-three. You don't have a chance, John. I have seen some tough ones but she is beyond tough. She is the best damn lawyer in this whole firm and she is twenty-seven years old. Very charismatic and very smart, but very serious about her work and not at all interested in dating. Believe me I've tried. But damn does she have a nice body!" I tried to take this all in. I had assumed that this prodigy-lawyer was a guy, not hot girl. Mr. Lebroy was the co-founder of this law firm, one of the top lawyer's in New York in his day. He still ran the firm fully with his partner Henry Johnson. I straightened up a bit and told myself that maybe she wasn't that good looking after all, but I decided to see what she was like anyways.

I had mastered early on, the trick of knocking something out of a woman's arms but then making it look like she had done it but then apologizing anyways and seeming like a nice guy for taking the blame for something she had did. As Lara's books fell out of her arms I quickly bent to pick them up.

"Oh God, how smooth of me. I'm sorry here let me get those for you." I neatly stacked the books back up and set them on the table next to us. Our eyes met face to face for the first time. Oh those eyes! She raised her eyebrows and for some reason I got the feeling that she knew what I had just pulled.

"It's fine, I wasn't paying attention. I don't think I've seen you here before. Are you knew?" Her voice was so even and so calm and so wonderful I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

"Yes, I'm John Taylor. And you are?" she was obviously used to men trying to catch her attention so I decided playing it stupid and acting like I didn't know who she was, would be the best way to go.

"Lara Lebroy," she said, extending a hand. I paused slightly, acting as though I was taking this in for the first time. Even though I was towering over her, I felt strangely intimidated. Her hand was soft and warm and surprisingly small. I quickly sized her up and concluded that without shoes she couldn't have been more than five-two or five-one. I must have held her hand for too long because she because she pulled it away awkwardly and left quickly with a 'nice to meet you'. I watched her walk away and felt my heart go with her. Love at first sight was an interesting thing.

I heard Paul laughing behind me.

"What?" I said, "I though I did pretty well."

"Of course you did. All you said was hello. It wasn't like you asked her out or anything. There's a big difference." I snorted and walked back to my office feeling not quite as confident as I had earlier.

The hours that followed were as I had expected them to be. Filled with paper work, phone calls and a business meeting. I very focused and concentrated on my work but there was always that little glitter of hope in the back of my mind, hope that she would walk through that door again and I would hear her voice again. I was quite shocked when walked right into my office one day.

"Mr. Taylor," she said, placing some files on my desk, "congratulations. Here is your first case. I was suppose to handle it but I've got too much on my plate already and I suggested that you take it since your new and it would be nice to come in with a bang," It sure would be nice, I thought.

"Thanks Lara, uh…Miss Lebroy," I wasn't exactly sure what to call her. I really liked saying her name but she had addressed me as Mr. Taylor so maybe I thought I should keep some what of a professional air about me. I didn't want her to leave so I quickly said

"Where did you go to law school?" It was a stupid question, I knew she had went to Harvard. Everyone know that. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She looked at me and was about to answer when Mr. Kingsley interrupted. Bastard.

"Alright kids, I am going to need you all to work overtime tonight. You'll probably get out of here around 10ish. I'll have more information on it at the one o'clock meeting today. Did he accept the case, Lara?" I didn't even know what the case was yet but I quickly said,

"Yes, of course I did,"

"You're a brave man, Taylor. Taking something like that on as a rookie," Mr. Kingsley looked impressed but I had a sinking feeling I had just put myself in something a little deeper then I was ready for. Lara didn't look impressed as I had hoped, just amused. I nodded and told Mr. Kingsley I'd give it my best shot and the two of them left. I quickly looked the case over. It was a nasty case involving the Field family versus a hospital in upstate New York. Damn.

I spent the remainder of my day filling out paperwork and making phone calls. When the time came for me to leave, I packed up, locked the door to my office and went over to Sandra's desk. She gave me a flirtatious smile and asked if there was anything she could do for me. My mouth felt dry and I realized I didn't really want to take her out to dinner now. I don't know why, I just wasn't in the mood. So instead I smiled and said goodbye, leaving her looking more then just a little disappointed.

I walked outside onto the sidewalk and took a deep breath. Day one had been a success. I walked up towards Fifth Avenue to hail a cab when I saw her standing there. Lara was talking to a man in a suit on the sidewalk next to the Plaza. I don't know what gave me the balls to do it but I walked over and said hello.

"Good evening Miss Lebroy," I said, smiling but trying to not to like to overjoyed to see her face again.

"Hello, Mr. Taylor," she said, digging through her purse and not looking me in the eye.

"Would you like to grab a bite to eat or something? It's almost ten and I still haven't had dinner," I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the worst as she slowly looked up to face me.

"Mr. Taylor, I don't even know you," she said, looking like a combination of confused and exasperated.

"Well that would be the point, we could get to know each other. I was just offering so neither of us would have to eat alone but if you're not up to it or have other plans that's fine. I'll see you around then," I started to walk away when I heard her call me form behind.

"Wait," she said. I heard her walking behind me.

"Alright fine, just a bite to eat. That's it though. This isn't a date or anything,"

"Don't flatter yourself, I didn't ask you on a date," she grinned and we turned towards the street. It was a classic New York Summer evening. Young lovers and old couples walked in the park while and up and comings chatted busily on their cell phones and the junkies and hookers took to the street corners preparing for the nightly prowl.

I took her to a little coffee house in the village that had been my favorite since I had first arrived in the city. We got sandwiches and even though I offered to pay for hers she sternly declined. We talked about everything from politics to art to traveling to music to movies. I found her absolutely amazing. She seemed to know everything there possibly was to know. And she was funny. Not once did we stumble upon a moment where neither of us knew what to say. It was just the perfect night.

We left the coffee house around two in the morning. "That was fun," I said, "maybe we can not date again sometime," she smiled,

"We'll see. Good night John. See you at work tomorrow, or in a few hours I guess," she waved goodbye and walked away. I let out a deep breath and gave myself a shake. It had been one hell of a first day on the job.