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I sat at my desk reading over the documents from my newest case. I had been back three days and already I was being bombarded with work. I had been given a sexual assault/rape case involving a fourteen year old girl. Only somehow the fourteen year old girl had raped a twenty year old man…I was defending the man and I hadn't quite figured out how I was going to pull this one off.

I took a sip of my coffee and continued to read the documents. I skimmed the paragraphs, looking for something of use, finding very little that supported my side of the story. The girl claimed it wasn't rape and that he had wanted it….fuck this was weird. I swear, I always got the weird ones. I heard a knock on my door and looked up,

"Hey, Johnny," said Paul Cunningham, walking in, "heard you were back from London, thought I'd stop in say hello. Just got myself yesterday from Cleveland. So how was Big Ben? See any nice Spice Girls," I wish…

"London was nice, man, but I am glad to be back in the land of the Yanks," I leaned back in my chair and motioned to the chair across from me, for him to sit down,

"Miss your McDonalds and Starbucks?" He asked, nodding to my cup of coffee and big Mac, sitting on my desk.

"Nah," I said, shaking my head, "they had plenty of those over there. I missed my fellow New York ass wholes. I felt like a loner out there, being the only fucked up American…doubt I was the only one but I felt like I stood out alright. No Spice Girls though, dude."

"Bummer, I always like the baby one myself…" I nodded in agreement and we continued to talk, "so I took Veronica out Saturday night…" said Paul, with a smirk.

"And?" I said, sipping my star bucks.

"And…did you know she was also a gymnast?" I whistled and raised my eye brows at him,

"What about you? Any luck? Any Lara?" Paul, who had been there when I first met her, knew I'd had a thing for her for a while. By his tone though, I could tell he was joking, he didn't think anything had actually happened. I opened my mouth to set him straight, but just as I did my phone rang.

"Taylor, here,"

"Mr. Taylor," said my new secretary Elise, "someone is here to see you,"


"Someone who says that want to talk to you about a problem. They are in need of a new lawyer and are searching around for a new one. I suggest you take this one sir. It looks promising,"

"Thanks, Elise. Send him in…" I hung up, "Get the hell out Paul, I've got someone coming in," Paul sneered at me and left the room. I quickly tried to organize my desk and make it look like I was slightly together. I stuffed papers into folders and documents into cabinets. I didn't hear anyone knock but I did hear a voice,

"Mr. Taylor, I presume?" I glanced up, suddenly, "I have heard you are one of the best new lawyers in town and I am desperate," emphasis on the word desperate, "for help," she finished. I cleared my throat,

"What seems to be the problem? I am sure I will be able to assist you in any way necessary."

"In my life, Mr. Taylor, I have seen many men come and go. But three days ago, for the first time, I actually felt like I was losing something as I watched him go. So I am asking for your help to-" I didn't let her finish. In seconds flat I was on the other side of the desk, pulling Lara into my arms and showering her face in kisses, "well," she said, catching her breath, "I guess we solved that problem," I smiled down at her, then frowned.

"What exactly is going on?" I said, a little confused.

"I'm back," she said with a grin, "for good. After all, I am the bosses granddaughter, I have to use to my advantage sometimes…" she said, sardonically. I smiled and leaned down to kiss her again.



I sat at my desk, rubbing my fore head. Once again I had been set up with a very strange and slightly creep case. A group of young boys got left alone while camping and what started out as a game of 'King of the Hill' turned into a very violent fight for who would be 'Ruler of the Tribe'. One kid ended up dead. Kids these days…their imaginations were too big.

Lara walked in and leaned over to kiss my cheek,

"Hey honey, what are you up to?"

"I'm working on this 'Lord Of the Flies' freak show case," I mumbled, making marks on my paper. She laughed,

"Ah yes, the McGregor vs. Tabbath one. That sure has got the office talking," I shook my head, I always got the weird ones. Dandridge leaned into the room,

"Mrs. Taylor?" she said to Lara,


"Jack Paris is here to see you about the closing on the penthouse,"

"Ok thanks I'll be right in," She didn't move right away though. She put her hand on my shoulder and leaned over to watch me work, her head close to mine.

"Johnny?" She said,

"Yes, honey?" I said, not looking up from my work,

"I love you,"

"I love you too, sweetheart," What was with her today? She seemed to be in a great mood,


"Yes, dear," I said, turning to look at her,

"I'm pregnant."