Virgin for Sale

There she is
Crying on my shoulders
Once again a broken heart
That needs mending

Another clash with parents
And a boyfriend that doesn't care
She feels trapped
And has given up

On top of all that
The past haunts her
Once she was sworn to celibacy
Once she was happy

Now her world is burning
She hates being innocent
But, all hold back on her;
They respect her promise

But, she can't understand
She thinks they hate her
She sheds more tears
And soaks my shirt

Come to me, little virgin
I love you for who you are
I admire your promise
To wait until marriage

I am the same
Though for different reasons
We are as one . . .
We are as one . . .

Let us go play together
Let us regress
Come, little virgin
I am not ashamed

She is a virgin
A virgin for sale
She gives up her promise
Gives up her innocence

She's a virgin for sale