i hate my love

that disgusting entity

that seems to coexist painfully within

the mortal shell of my body the house of my soul

the capsule that love seeks ever to break and trod underfoot

but as yet i have managed to keep it

inside and in chains

wolfish howls of despair and wrath

lonely moments of wrenching compassion

it sheds tears on its chains

cries that it is so hated

hated for its very being

its love

love of humanity

of life

love of the universe

that it must keep hidden

from those upon whom it would bestow itself

and I, I must distance myself from my love

lest the vultures of the earth descend

make my life into the ultimate hell

as yet I am free in that aspect

not admitted to loving

yet my love and I admit one thing together

together alone in the dark we shout it to the sky

I love you

It cannot be possible but I love you

My heart and my mind embrace

The fire and ice of loving unrequited, unadmitted

I dry the tears on the chains of the wolf

My hands to his face his eyes to the sky

Light on me

Our souls together

loving each other, knowing that never

will YOU

the one who sent us fleeing here

you will never know the truth.

That is how much I love you.