I wish...
To have the sky as my backyard
And catch a cloud when things get too hard
To share serenity with a rose
When weeds surmount and trouble grows
To finally reach the highest star
And realize I have come so far
To take joy in all the simple things,
To balance all that sadness brings.

I wish...
To lift a veil and see the gold
Of sunset, ever strong and bold,
And turn my head only to see
A blue moon smiling down on me.
To hear the whisper of the wind
And know I'll always have a friend.
To keep an angel by my side
Who knows how, when, and why I've cried
And tells me I should not be sad
For surely it's not all that bad.
And says, "Take joy in all you see,"
"For tomorrow all this may not be."

I've hoped...
That everyone who's shed a tear
Could hope to find solace here
And everyone who's had a dream
Or wished that life was what it seemed
Or simply wished the world could feel
Would finally see their dream made real
But this hope too, it certainly seems,
Was only made to live in dreams.

Dreams are life; well, are they not?
The memories stored, the goals still sought
Until life gives what dreams will bring,
I'll content myself with simple things
And though these hopes seem quite in vain
At least they'll help to stem the pain
For who knows what tomorrow brings?
Delusion, lies, and simple things
In which of these would you believe?
The answer's yours, but as for me
To counter all the grief and strife
It's the simple things, the dreams of life.