And She Dies
© 2003 Black Tangled Heart

~for Audrey~

And she dies
With bleeding wrists upon her pillow
And a sloppy goodbye letter, without explanation
Or apology
Final unshed tears stain her face and shock weaves itself
Inside her blood
Breath dissolving, heart sputters in a final pulse

And she dies, crossing the delicate line
That lies between the living and the dead
Curls caught in the wind, dark and romantic
Around a cherubic face
The clouds cry for her, letting scarlet rain
Flood the earth
Silver wings unfurl upon her shoulders
Quickly scoured by the rushing gales that surround her soul
A tarnished halo rests upon her head, jutting at an odd angle
Her open wrists spattering the stars

And she dies
Watching shadowed faces and shaking fingers
Choose black velvet shifts and pale jasmines
Seeing the fissures that line the hearts of those who
Truly loved her
Searching for comfort where there is none
Their lives broken and raw
Without their beautiful doll

And she dies
Pressing her cheeks upon her bloodied palms
Anticipating eternal slumber and a release from agony
Yet it lingers inside
On her dirty tongue and scarred mind
The wounds still drip
No bandages will heal her
Faith has shattered; its broken pieces lie around her
In fragments too small to repair

And she dies
When dreams finally rest behind her eyelids and lift
Burdens from her back, there is peace
Until the dawn when light caresses her
And she awakens, cold
Loneliness perpetuated in life still coils in her belly
And falls from her lips
The world has lost its true light
Volleying her into deepest despair

And she cries