Are you up there?

How can you be, with everything happening?

It doesn't make any sense.

I know... i think you might be there.

Maybe you are.

Maybe you look at what you created with sorrow.

Or amusement.

Who are you to decide who lives and dies?


Ha. I don't know you.

You're an idea that someone had. A way out.

A crutch to hold themselves up.

But, maybe not.

If you're there, give me some sign.

Let me know.

Cause I'm running out of patience.

It might be easier to just not believe.

Then i wouldn't worry about you at all.

But, if you're there, hear me now.

Part of me wants to believe.

Part of me doesn't.

Part of me can't.

Part of me can.

Are you there?

Let me know, please.

I need to know.


Give me the reason, please.

Are you up there?