And the stars are bleeding overhead,

The moon sheds its golden tears,

Mars grows deathly pale,

Its crimson veil falling away,

Jupiter's surface lies calm,

Its great storm waiting in anticipation.

Charon is engulfed in fire,

Pluto burns as embers slowly dying.

O'Rion drops his sword

The nebulas drifting further apart

Creating morbid stories in the sky.

Venus wanes her beauty,

Neptune dries its sea,

Mercury losses control

Drifting further into oblivion.

I lay on the ground

Absorbing these cast away visages,

Crying to the creator

To take away the pain.

For the only thing I have left to love

Slowly crumbles into ruins

My life is forfeit

If only

This Empyrean of my heart and soul

Would cease its weeping

And welcome me into my home

Up high in the heavens.