Puppy Luv By: Natalie

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Whoever said that nothing extraordinary happens to ordinary girls like us was dead wrong.

Why do I say that you ask?

Well. let's put it this way. Until last year of the year 2001, my life was well. pretty ordinary. I went to college at Manncorp College, was an average student and lived in a dormitory with my best friend in the universe Ara Gozen. I lived every single day of my life like an ordinary person would. I worried about my grades, my hair, my pimples and my (still) underdeveloped breasts. I went out with a select few friends and never won the lottery. That was pretty ordinary don't you think? Well it didn't take long for my ordinary life to become plenty extraordinary.

This is a story about my life since then. In it you'll be sure to find what I call the "Three M's" namely, magic, mystery and mayhem. You might even find a little - no scratch that - a lot of comedy, tears and the odd romantic scene.

No guarantees though. I'm telling you. My life has just taken a turn for the weird. Feel free to point and laugh anytime but make sure to keep all limbs inside the moving vehicle-lest this thing called life mangles them.

Oh did I forget to introduce myself?

Fine. Jeez. I'm into what.. my seventh paragraph? And I still haven't introduced myself. Some storyteller I turned out to be. Anyway, my name is Nym. It's Anonymity Jane actually. Why would someone ever name his or her child Anonymity - I wouldn't know. All I know is that my Mother and Father thought it was cute.

For those who really want to know, I've got shoulder length black hair, dark brown eyes hidden behind wire framed glasses and pale skin that can only come from too many hours sitting in front of the computer.

So, you can call me Nym, Nymity or hell you can even call me Jane.

My story doesn't start with anything mind blowing like me being transported to another world (not that that's a bad thing) nor does it start with me receiving magical powers and becoming queen of the universe. It starts with a plain sheet of paper with undecipherable symbols on it.

Okay I'm kidding.

It was a letter.

This whole thing started with a letter. It wasn't just any ordinary letter. It was a letter that practically spelled my doom.

It was a letter from my career-planning course. It stated that I, Anonymity Jane did not complete work hours experience hours. (Apparently, volunteering to baby sit your roommate's cat doesn't count for work experience) So here I was, off to school to figure out what the heck I should do to save my big sorry butt. Big deal you say? Well. See, dear readers, it works like this:

No work hours, marks.

No marks equals, failure.

Failure equals, doom.

Well you do get the picture don't you?

How does it end? Well I don't know yet but I'm sure we'll get to it sooner or later.

Now, let's begin shall we?

The day itself started ordinarily enough. I got up, got ready and went to school leaving a snoring and drooling Ara a note on the fridge telling her that I had gone ahead for my eight 'o clock class. The trip to school was fairly ordinary too. I hopped on the bus at 7:15 sharp and relaxed as I found the perfect standing spot. I knew I should have taken that as a hint of things to come. Anyway, hanging on the coil shaped bus handle (I don't know what else to call it) I grinned. For once, I wasn't being smashed up against some weird hentai.

As a means to keep myself from being bored, I contented myself by watching people and trying to figure out how they'd look like as animals. I don't know. I sort of see people with their.ah . inner animal I guess. Some people see auras while I see animals. Ara of course swears I've gone quite insane but oh well that's Ara. Hey, everyone should be allowed his or her own quirks and peculiarities-I am no exception.

I took off my glasses to take a look around. I saw the corporate soldiers of the future all decked out in their designer suits. They all had these glassy-eyed looks on their faces that reminded me of a school of fish. The women looked so polished and intimidating in their blues and grays that I immediately became self-conscious (uh oh sharks!)-my inferiority complex rearing its ugly head. Glancing at my old jeans and fluffy pink sweater heaved a sigh and looked the other way. I put my glasses back on. Strange no? but then, my parents have always said that I have a wild imagination.

Anyway, what really caught my eye were two young men both probably in their early twenties. The tall and lanky blond was chatting up a storm while the ebony haired one simply nodded once in a while. The latter was wearing a long black coat over a black suit and a black tie that accentuated his paleness. It sure seemed that black was his favorite color. It looked good on him. The blond on the other hand was less. formal. He wore a bright yellow coat over a black suit with no tie. I realized belatedly that he used his tie as a hair tie. By the way he preened in front of his hand held mirror, I could definitely see him as a peacock. I smiled to myself as I accidentally overheard snippets of their conversation. Albeit it was a little odd, it provided me at least something to keep my mind off school.

"So, what do you think CEO? Are you enjoying the ride? This, my dear DEAR CEO is how us commoners get around. This is public transportation. Repeat after me: B-us. BUS. I am riding a BUS!" Drawled the blond as he gestured wildly nearly smacking an elderly man.

"Forgive me but I would hardly consider you a commoner Kanaria-san." The other said quietly with a hint of annoyance. "Aren't we supposed to be at work now?"

Ah so the peacock is named Kanaria. How fitting! Err in case you didn't know, Kanaria means Canary.

"Ah soo desu ne?! In any case, lighten up! Smile! Show those pearly whites while you can. I see you're still a little sore from yesterday's . events. Anyway, you'll get used to it." he leant close to the other man. "Besides, did you know that the cute little ojoosan over there is looking at you?"

I must have jumped at least a foot off the ground when I realized that they were talking about me. I shivered as my eyes met the blonde's. It might have been just my imagination but for an instant, I could have sworn that those jade eyes flashed gold. The black haired man's eyes widened in an expression that I took for surprise, and then he scowled at me. Ashamed at being caught staring, I let go of the bus handle to execute a clumsy bow. Just in time for good old Fate to pull one over me.

Yet again.

The bus made a sudden stop and I went flying straight into them-school bag, books, glasses and all.

It took about five seconds for me to realize what happened but at that time, it felt like an eternity. Indeed, it was five seconds of extreme humiliation. Because instead of me landing face flat on the floor, I landed on something warm, soft, and definitely annoyed. A soft grunt startled me from my little trip to la-la-land as I also noticed belatedly that my glasses were nowhere in sight.

Pun definitely not intended.

There was nothing left for me to do but to look down and apologize to the person who now bore all of my hundred and twenty pounds on his gut.

"Gomen nasai! I-I didn't mean to fall on you like that!" To my horror, my voice broke in the middle of my sentence much to the amusement of the said Canary. I hurriedly scrambled off my human cushion. I couldn't really see how he looked like, as all I could see was a blurry black shape that resembled a...



I must have hit my head harder than I thought.

"Fine." The blurry black shape spoke. "Just. don't do it again." It growled.

"Maa, maa Matsuri-sama, that's no way to treat a lady." The blonde scrambled over and helped me up.

"Ano. my glasses, where are--" I muttered then froze at the tell tale sound of glass breaking.


It was the canary.

"Ehhe..he..he. Ano. ojoosan, it seems that I broke eh. something." I looked up to see the blonde waving in front of me the mangled form of what used to be my glasses. "Doomo sumi--"

"Why do you apologize Kanaria-san? It was her own stupidity that caused this whole mess."

I froze at the sudden and unwelcome interruption. I aimed a deadly glare approximately where that annoying deadpan voice was coming from. I wanted to strangle that annoying person, I wanted to kick him from here to mars.

In short, whoever this Matsuri-sama was, I hated his damned guts.

"Nani?! I already apologized for that. I AM truly sorry for knocking you down. I can hardly see within three feet from my nose but that doesn't give you any right to call me stupid you! .You. you.. DOG!" I yelled angrily. I paid absolutely no attention to the sudden hush that spread through the bus like wildfire.

"What... did you say?" asked the annoying one.

"D-O-G fluffy black terrier looking dog." I repeated, emphasizing each and every word. I glowered with all my might at this "Matsuri-sama" ...now that was not an easy feat since he was what. a foot taller than me? I looked up at those coal black eyes that were opened wide in utter shock. I grew worried when he simply stared at me with his mouth agape. If it were possible, I would swear that he grew even paler.

"H-how did you see?" were the first words out of his mouth after about a minute of gaping. He staggered towards me with a strange look in his eyes. I couldn't move. It seemed like I was frozen in place.

Then the spell broke.

"Saa! Here's our stop Matsuri-sama! Why don't you give ojoosan here a card so we can replace her glasses at the very least? Seriously! You should learn to treat women better!" Kanaria-san admonished as he steered the still stupefied looking man through the door.

"H-hai. Here. Sumimasen." The said Matsuri-sama mumbled and pressed a plain white business card into my hand. I couldn't help but feel its clamminess and wonder if that guy was all right.

"Um..thanks. I am sorry too." I mumbled.

What was that all about?

I opened my palm and scrutinized the piece of card. It was plain white with simple black letters. It read:

"Matsuri-Corp, Building 2199 Skylark lane, 13th floor.

(789 -2378)

"Rareness is our specialty."

I studied the card until I got off from the bus. It was hard negotiating the winding hallways to my classroom when I was half blind. When I finally made it, I couldn't help but think of those two very strange men. Even stranger, I found myself thinking of those soulful ebony eyes that belonged to the odd looking terrier.

Ah, I really must have hit my head quite hard.

To be continued.

NOTE: Everything in here is fictional so don't go and try calling or looking for Matsuri-Corp!

Kanaria means canary.

Matsuri means festival, which is rather ironic since Matsuri seems incapable of any emotion other than grumpy and grumpier.