Knock Knock Knock

By battousai24 and kido

Rei looked up at the clock hanging on the wall. It was half-past 10:00 in the evening. He turned to his other three friends who were playing cards with his and their girlfriends. Rei's girlfriend, Kate was seated between himself and Chris. Beside Rei were Li and his girlfriend, Rikka who was seated on his lap. Beside Chris was his girlfriend Therese, with his around arm around her shoulder. Beside Therese was Chi. His girlfriend, Mia, was kissing him. Chi pulled away when it was his turn, but he was distracted. He stared wide-eyed at Rei and Kate. They were French kissing. He turned back to the game when Chris threw him a shoe. As he finished, it was Rikka's turn next. But before she could start, Kate stood up and told her friends that she was just going out to buy some snacks. Rei offered to drive her but she turned down his offer. Rei finally gave in after much persistence. Before Kate walked out of the room, Rei took hold of Kate's arm and told her to knock three times so that he would open the door. Kate looked at him questioningly and as if reading her mind, Rei told her that there were strange things happening in the campus. Rei kissed her and she walked out of the door.

As she walked out of the room, Li turned up the volume of the stereo. Mia and Chi were already doing third base while Chris and Therese were eyeing them maliciously. The game stopped for a while. Rikka looked at Li longingly. He looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. Rikka closed her eyes as if waiting for a kiss. Li still looked down at her questioningly and asked her what was wrong. Rei, who was now laughing at Li whispered to him that his girl wanted a kiss. Li finally understood and leaned down to give Rikka a passionate kiss and they ended up doing third base too. Chris and Therese looked at each other, then at their friends, then back at each other. They started kissing too. Rei sighed. Chi saw Rei alone and feeling lonely. He slowly pulled away from Mia and told her that they would continue what they were doing later. He stood up and told her he'd be right back and ran out of the room. After a few minutes, he came back with a girl. Chi closed the door and said in a loud voice that the girl's name was Genevieve.

By this time, all of them were pretty drunk. Chi gave an idea of playing a game of 'Spin the Bottle'. He seated Genevieve beside Rei. The two talked and got to know each other faster than normal. Chi grabbed an empty bottle of Don Perignon and placed it in the middle of the group circle. He told Genevieve to go first. Rikka and Li finally pulled away before the game was about to start. At first Genevieve hesitated, but after much persuasion by Chi and his friends, she finally gave in. As she spinned it, it landed on Rei. They both stared at each other blankly. There was silence. Rikka, Li, Chris, Therese, Chi and Mia were getting impatient. Then, suddenly, Rei leaned on Genevieve and kissed her. If it weren't for Chris and Therese who pulled them away, they would never stop. Before the next person could have a turn, Li grabbed a case of beer. He distributed it and they all drank it. Mia hesitated to take some but after a lot of persuasion and a kiss from Chi, she finally drank it. They were all drunk by the time it was Therese's turn.

Kate was on her way to the store. She underestimated the walk. She thought it was only a short one, but she was wrong. Now, she wished that she accepted Rei's offer to drive her. It was also getting creepy. She barely saw people, cars drove past her, yes, but it was almost like she was the only one in the dark street. After a while, she finally got a glimpse of the convenient store. Before she could take another few steps, a hand covered her mouth and she fainted.

Therese kissed Chris after the bottle landed on him. Quite interesting though, that's what they all thought. Everyone got to kiss their significant others. Well, except for Rei, but it seemed that he was attracted to Genevieve and she was with him, or was it the alcohol? The game ended shortly after, but it wasn't all over. Rei and Genevieve took it to his room. They were drunk and doing third base, or was it fourth base? Li and Rikka also got down to business. They were in Li's room too. Chris and Therese were on the couch in Chris's room, making out in front of the TV screen. While Chi and Mia were also in his room, getting to third base. Though everyone was getting down to it, the loud music was still playing, in their own rooms, that is. In Rei's room, alternative music was playing. While in Chris's room, it was J-pop. In Li's room, techno music was playing. Chi's room was noisiest. Hard rock was playing. The walls were almost torn down by Chi's music and Mia's loud screams.

Kate slowly opened her eyes. She could barely see in the dark. Out of nowhere, a shadow-like figure looked down on her and produced a knife. The faint ray of light shined on the blade. Fear was welling up inside her. Suddenly, the figure ripped her clothes off. Instinctively, she covered herself and watched as the figure threw her clothes somewhere. It drew closer and she saw that it was a man. The figure then positioned himself on top of Kate and clamped his hand over her mouth. She bit his hand and screamed for Rei.

Rei stopped what he was doing. He thought he heard someone scream his name somewhere down the hall. He got up and dressed up, he also told Genevieve to dress up. Together they went out of the room. As they got out, they saw Chris and Therese about to knock on their door. They looked for Li, Rikka, Chi and Mia. Rei and Chris realized that their two friends were still in their rooms. Chris and Therese opened Li's door to reveal Li and Rikka sprawled on the bed with a variety of sexual gadgets littered on the floor. Therese blushed and Chris started to laugh hysterically waking the naked lovers on the bed.

Rei and Genevieve opened the door to Chi's room, revealing the sheets of the bed wildly disarranged with small amounts of blood staining them. They found Chi and Mia asleep in each other's arms with Mia's head resting on Chi's chest. Rei went to the bathroom and filled a bucket full of water. Then, he went back to the room, and slowly crept to the bed. Chi felt another presence in the room. He opened his eyes and saw Rei with a smirk on his face. Before he could even speak, Rei emptied the bucket of water on Chi, waking Mia in the process. Chi glared at Rei and shouted. All Rei and Genevieve could do was laugh. Mia blushed and pulled the sheets to cover herself. Rei quit laughing and looked at Chi seriously. He told his friend to hurry up and get dressed. Chi nodded and finally, Rei and Genevieve left the room. Mia got up and ran to the bathroom to dress up. Chi dressed up in the closet. When Mia was finished, she found Chi standing by the door waiting for her and she walked over to him. He went to the stereo, turned it off and left the room with Mia close behind him.

As they walked towards the others, Chi realized something was wrong. Li, Rikka, Chi and Mia all asked Rei and Chris what was going on. They both said that they heard a scream a while ago. Rei asked Chi and Li if they heard it, but they both shook their heads. Rikka and Mia didn't hear it either. Before anyone else could speak, Therese started telling Rei that Chi and Li wouldn't be able to hear it because of the loud music. Everyone else agreed with her too. Chris also told his friends that maybe the reason why he and Rei heard it, was because there wasn't loud music playing in their rooms. Rei remembered that it sounded like the scream was coming from down the hall and told his friends. Before neither he nor his friends could say anything, there was a knock on the door. They all stared at it. Li told everyone that it just might be Kate and was about to open it when Rei stopped him. Rei told his friend that it couldn't be her since he told her to knock three times, and that knock on the door was only once. After a few minutes, when everyone finally calmed down and agreed that maybe the scream was just two people getting down to it, they dismissed the thought that maybe someone was killed. They all drank a few beers and when Chris was about to suggest a game of cards, they heard a knock on the door again. This time twice. Rei still told Li not to open it. Chi was starting to get annoyed and almost opened the door out of frustration. He argued with Rei about what's the big deal about opening the door. Rei explained the strange things happening around campus, but Chi didn't believe him. He thought Rei was just getting paranoid again. Mia and Genevieve stopped the two from further arguments. They all seated for a game of poker. Chris distributed the cards and after a few minutes, everyone forgot about what happened. It was Rei's turn, just when he was about to put down his cards, there was another knock on the door. This time, they heard it clearly. They heard it three times. Rei ran to the door with everyone else. This time it was Chi who was paranoid. He kept asking Rei if it were really Kate and he kept on telling him that he had a bad feeling. Rei dismissed Chi and opened the door. Before they could see who was there, the light turned off. Li and Rei kept asking who was there but there wasn't any answer. They felt someone come in but they thought it was only the wind. Rei felt something drip on his head. They finally gave up and closed the door.

When they all got settled, Li ran for the light and turned it on. Chris and the others stared him. Therese went towards Li. He asked him how he turned on light if there was a blackout. Li just shrugged and walked towards the couch. Chi still stared at the door as if something was going to pop out. Mia had her arms around him to stop him from shaking. Genevieve, Rei and Chris watched him. Something was wrong with Chi, not to mention with everything else. Rei looked at the clock. It was now 12:45 am. He worried about Kate. It was taking her too long. He grabbed his cellphone and dialed her number. It was ringing, but no one answered. No one moved or said anything. Besides Chi's shaking and faint whispers of fear, it was silent. It stayed that way for a while. Then, there was a knock. Rei and his friends hesitated. But they did hear it right. They heard three knocks. The knocks were slow, but they heard it three times all right. By the time it registered to them, even Chris was shaking. Rei slowly motioned for his friends to go with him and see who's at the door.

They all stared at the door then to each other. Rei's hands slowly covered the doorknob. Before turning it, he looked at his friends. Turning it slowly, he opened it as fast as he could and backed away. Genevieve, Therese, Rikka and Mia screamed at the terrible sight. Chi and Chris had their wide eyes focused on the hanging object. Both could neither speak nor do anything. Li just stood there too. Rei's eyes started to fill with tears. He tried to fight them, but some of them went down his cheek as he saw Kate hanging by her neck in front of the door. Her body was ripped apart, from her womanhood to her abdomen. Blood was dripping from both her mouth and her wounds. Chi, Chris and Li finally got back to their senses after a few minutes. They nudged Rei. The four of them was about to bring the body down when someone behind them spoke.

"At least she knocked three times."

Everyone else looked behind them and saw a man bearing a bloody knife. They somehow didn't understand what he said. He spoke again with a smirk on his face,

"Well, at least she knocked three times."