life (or just a small part of it)

In this circle we once traveled
I walked past life, death, and time unraveled
I saw friendship, relationship, love; fire couldn't burn a hole in any one above
Stories, 2 sides, residing in the one I could confide,
Crying, we all lied, I don't think anything lasts that's why from death we cannot hide,
Silence, piety, tangled with violence in society,
Freedom, religion, choices we make lead to more decisions,
Counterfeit, grief, y in sadness we weep, tell secrets to keep, when real is beneath,
Knowledge, eating, hearts beating counting time that is just fleeting,
The living, decease, why is there war if we all want peace,
Hate, conformity, the best of us get lost in the will of the majority,
Power, hypotheses, even optimistic ideals fall to realist philosophies
The big, little things, there is happiness in the air, the water, and birds that sing,

Alone, or your hand in mine, all surrendering to never ending time
And so it goes, never bending, the cycle we are in is never ending