This one is called fuck you

Daring behavior I stood staring down danger,
My caring savior now nearing round a stranger,
Staying clear loves lost wit out fearing a frown's anger,
Changes drown the flavor maybe I'm steering clear of an unclear sound's loud tendency to waver,
The favors cost offset me a debt of seven layers I could never repay her,
But I never forget the severed regrets that surround for she was my bound purveyor,
Saying prayers, days greyer, went through me like a slayer
We both found each other together in the dreams dreamt
Moved around to next, i couldn't have kept, haven't wept the nights unslept,
My defenses unchecked, so crept she to a new silhouette,
It wasn't fair though clear never knew how shit could get,
A set tranquility still retains the ability to turn into hostility,
Maintain chivalry? The delivery of your words: trickery hitting me with uncanny agility,
See stability's got no versatility; we never had ascendancy between us,
That's why I'm facing the liability of my fallibity's tendency to see trust