be where I want to be

The days go by and shit changes phases
Situations changing, were rearrangin places
Relationships' docked, tried maintainin faces
But we grow everyday n', were only growing apart
What was art is now my heart torn apart no traces
Better be smart, me I'm like a dart hittin aces
On the block, got the target locked, blowing up the most safest of places
Sacred cases, pain seems to release my patience
I wanna be at ease with the breeze behind my last statements
My abilities never freeze when I'm freein similies
I increase the whole disease when my anger in released
Breeched, the number of deceased seems to increase
Folded at the crease at least my liberty from u makes me free
Tires screech as I leave a jealousy crime scene behind me
All that time till the end, pretending to be friends well that's just fine with me
And shit seems like dreams when I teach my enemies not to breathe
Floating free I can see clearly when I m high on e's
At a time I thought I might as well just die on these
But at the moment life is just so appealin to me
Suckas hearin my speech they be like your not who your appearin to be
And that there's a good enough reason for me to just squeeze
Sold your soul, I'm taking control, homey your life's on lease
Cuz i m as real as I wanna be
Don't need to conceal what u don't wanna see
I'ma get where i m going and be where I wanna be